Leni, by Federico Gianotti

Online FILMIN Videodrome Selection
Videodrome: Obscure
European Premiere

Original title: Leni
Year: 2020
Running time: 79min.
Country: Argentina
Director: Federico Gianotti
Script: Federico Gianotti
Music: Jonathan Gejtman
Cinematography: Max Ruggieri
Cast: Ailín Zaninovich, Francisco Macia, Natalia Santiago, Ana Balduini, Víctor Malagrino, Laura Casalongue, Mónica Kerner, Pablo Cura
Production co.: Marvin

Synopsis: Recurring nightmares and the aftermath of a violent break-up have put Leni on edge. As she desperately seeks to regain her sanity she must confront her monsters in order to unravel the trauma of a past she doesn’t seem to fully remember.


Leni, by Federico Gianotti

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