Reel 2, by Chris Good Goodwin

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Videodrome: Extreme
European Premiere

Original title: Reel 2
Year: 2020
Running time: 104 min.
Country: United States
Director: Chris Good Goodwin
Screenwriter: Chris Good Goodwin
Music: M.K.D.R.
Cinematography: Chris Good Goodwin
Cast: Stephanie Jaskot, Octavia Kaliszak, Michael Lake, Tylan Essery, Peter Hodgins, Matt Sawyers, Jacob Brien, Adrian Pavone, John Cianciolo, Allisha Pelletier, Lindy Saldova, Magalie R Bazinet, Lisa Nichole Young, Krista Barzso
Production Co.: Hidden Horizons

Synopsis: After being convinced his first movie REEL wasn’t a blockbuster success because it starred a man, director SlasherVictim666 makes it his personal mission to find the perfect woman to star in REEL 2.

Reel 2

Reel 2, by Chris Good Goodwin

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