Phase IV, de Saul Bass

Sesión Retrospectiva

With the leitmotiv Nature Revenge: Human Extinction, the Molins de Rei Horror Film Festival is bringing back a cult work of horror and science fiction. PHASE IV is one of the most fascinating and personal approaches to the genre of cinematographic eco-horror, Saul Bass’ only film, a well known graphic designer who made some of the most outstanding credit titles and posters ever.

After a spectacular and mysterious cosmic event, the ants from the Arizona desert undergo a fast evolution and develop a inter species hive-mind. Scientists Hubbs and Lesko go there with the mission of studying this weird behaviour but they do not know that they are going to face something that can call the human planetary supremacy into question.

At the moment it was issued, the film came too early and was misunderstood; today PHASE IV is coming back as an essential work within the genre and it definitely holds a contemporary symbolic and existentialist dimension that fits with the times today. The film was setting some ideas more in the line of 2001. A Space Odyssey than other contemporary classical tales about survival in front of dangerous and furious animals. A real piece of art which is visually enrapturing along with its unforgettable soundtrack.

Besides, it is going to be a very special session for two reasons: one, it is a chance to watch the film on the big screen and two, we will have a nice surprise. One thing and another will make the screening a once in a lifetime occasion of enjoying the film as well as the director’s intentions.

phase IV

Phase IV, by Saul Bass

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