It is a pleasure for us to present the official spot of terrorMolins 2020 directed by Marc Carreté. A spot that undoubtedly transmits the passion and mastery that the director has for genre cinema and the essence of the leitmotive of this edition, Nature Revenge: Human Extinction.


marc-carrete-terrorweekendMarc Carreté; Barcelona, ​​1970. Producer, screenwriter and independent film director, specialized in horror genre. Author of the short films Mal cuerpo y Castidermia. He made his feature debut in 2104 with Asmodexia. In 2015 he founded the label Creatures of the Dark, under which Framed (World Premiere at terrorMolins 2017) and After the lethargy (2018) have been produced. He is currently working on the development of various feature film projects, including El Espiristista, whose teaser we were able to enjoy last year on terrorMolins.
He is undoubtedly one of the most prominent directors on the national indie scene whose work has been recognized at festivals around the world. It is therefore an honor for us to have had a director of the stature of Marc Carreté for the realization of our spot for this edition.

The two main objectives have been, on the one hand, to be as faithful as possible to the leitmotif of this year’s edition, and on the other, and above all, to excite. And I thought that there would be no better way to do it than by looking to reproduce the emotion that many of us have every time we arrive in Molins de Rei and we are about to enter this type of temple of horror cinema that La Peni has become, in the hands of terrorMolins, without a doubt one of the festival venues with the most character and tradition I have ever known.

Marc Carreté


You can watch the spot in this link

terrorMolins 2020 spot by Marc Carreté

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