Jostissi de Carreró, by Pedro Miralles

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Original title: Jostissi de Carreró
Year: 2020
Running time: 90 min.
Country: Spain
Director: Pedro Miralles
Screenwriter: Victor Riera, Sebastià Rubí, Toni Sansó, Pedro Miralles (Idea: Sebastià Rubí, Victor Riera, Toni Sansó)
Music: Jeremy Loscher, Montserrat Galmés, Ramonikos, Bernat Parera, Joan Gelabert Fil, Samuel Tomé
Cinematography: Pedro Miralles
Cast: Joan Sebastià Parera, Joan Gelabert Fil, Victor Riera, Marc Terrés, Gaspar Aguiló, Pep Boix, David López, Eduardo Coll, Guillermo Carmona, Joan Duport, Miquel Àngel Gomila, Joan Tur, Carlos Pachón
Producer: The Hellfire Group, Okami Studio

Synopsis: Golam is a lonely man who comes back to Porto Cristo (Mallorca) after a while – As soon as he arrives he is shocked when he discovers that a criminal gang called “La Banda del Lobo” (The Gang of the Wolf) has taken over the place. People are in fear as the gang is terrorizing the population thanks to authorities’ complicity and law enforcement’s inactivity. But he’ll do “Jostice”.


Jostissi de Carreró, by Pedro Miralles

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