Melies International Festivals Federation

The European Fantastic Film Festivals Federation (the Federation) is a tightly knit network of 22 film festivals from 16 countries, with a global attendance of over 450.000 visitors, making it a vital economic and cultural player on the fantastic film scene.

“22 festivals, 16 countries, more than 450.000 spectators!”

Its mission is to promote European fantastic film productions throughout Europe and the world, by enhancing their visibitily and their standing both among the public and within the industry, and encouraging their circulation. The Federation works to fulfill this mission through its festival network in Europe, its supporting members in Asia and North America, and its Méliès awards for outstanding European genre films.

The festivals are major platforms for genre films in their respective regions. They all work closely within the Federation network, but embody diversity and individual artistic identity, through their distinct programming choices, including the Méliès competition selections. They feature both press and audience screenings and offer a full range of side events that include master classes, conferences and industry pitchings, bringing together a wide spectrum of viewers, iconic and emerging talent, and other industry professionals to share experiences and knowledge.

“Each festival with an individual artistic identity!”

The Méliès d’Or and Méliès d’Argent awards are given each year to the best European fantastic feature and short films. The awards recognize quality and creativity, and generate unique visibility for the film and their directors. The winners are showcased by all of the Federation’s festivals, including its supporting members abroad in Canada, the United States and South Korea, thereby encouraging their circlation worldwide.

Since 2014 Molins Horror Film Festival awards every year a Méliès d’Argent to the best European fantastic short film as well as a nomination for Méliès d’Or for best European fantastic short film.

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Catalunya Film Festivals

Catalunya Film Festivals
Catalunya Film Festivals is a brand created by the Coordinadora de Festivals i Mostres de Cinema i Vídeo de Catalunya (the Coordinator of Cinema and Video Festivals and Exhibitions of Catalonia), which groups together all member festivals and exhibitions.

Both communicatively and graphically CFF is a quality brand. It represents the type of festival we want, with rigorous programming, professional organisation and the vocation to broadcast both nationally and internationally.

Catalunya Film Festivals groups member festivals and exhibitions together with a common territorial denominator and defines their activities, thus facilitating their identification by the general public, institutions and media.

The Coordinadora de Festivals i Mostres de Cinema i Video de Catalunya was created in 2005 with the aim of drawing together Catalan film festivals and providing them with communicative, financial and organisational tools.

Member festivals are governed by an ethical and professional code of good practice towards both creators and the public.