All the team members of the Molins de Rei Horror Film Festival (Festival de Cine de Terror de Molins de Rei) belong to many different areas and backgrounds that merge into the common interest in cinema and at the same time aim at other fields directly linked to culture.

Staff terrorMolins 2018

Our relationship with the Festival is completely altruistic and voluntary: We feed on passion, effort, tenacity and determination and the pride we have inherited from all the people who have made each edition possible since 1973. That makes Horror Molins much more than just a festival! It is rather a miracle.


Our president! He has been part of the Festival since de 80’s. In 2001 he became a member of the organization team, where he coordinates the Short Film Competition. He is a film producer, screenplay writer, singer and amateur writer.

David Izquierdo


He has been the Arts Director since 2007. He is the author of several books about cinema and he usually reviews new movie releases as well as covers cinematographic information in different media. He directed the exhibitions “DDT Original Fictions” and “De Palma vs. De Palma”.

Albert Galera


He has been member of the Festival commission since 2001, when he started working as graphic design manager as well as performance coordinator. At the moment, he is the Festival’s Coordination Executive. He comes from the field of cultural and performing arts management.

Roger Sábat

Coordination Executive

He has been a member of the Festival committee since 2006 and heads the financial department. Since 2012 he co-programmes the Feature Films Official Section and is now in charge of the programming department. His background is in the in the field of business and finance management as well as project management in multinational corporations.

Miquel Pastor

Finances and Head of Programming

He has been linked to the Festival since 2008, and has been a member of the programming commission since 2010 and represents our Festival at Cannes. He is founding member of the Sabadell Horror Film Festival.

Víctor Torres

Film Programmer

He has been a committee member since 2007. He manages the relations with guests and jury members. He is also a screenplay writer, radio broadcaster and editor of several programmes about cinema.

Jaume Claver

Short films programmer and guests logistics manager

Although he had collaborated with the Festival before, he has been a member of the Festival committee since 2011. Until 2018 he coordinated the live performances, nowadays he coordinates the Festival schedule as well as in turning the La Peni theatre into a movie theatre.

Jordi Margalef

Logistics and Technology Areas

Although he had collaborated with the Festival before, he has been a member of the Festival committee since 2009. Until 2018 he coordinated the live performances, nowadays he coordinates the Festival schedule as well as in turning the La Peni theatre into a movie theatre.

Sergi Garcia

Logistics and Technology Areas

He has been a member of the Festival since 2010 when he started working in timing and coordination. Since 2012 he has managed the Communication Area, social networks, informative bulletin, website, press communications and media attention. He is the manager of GastroTerror. He has been involved in several theatre and cinema productions.

Jordi Beumala

Communication Area Coordination and GastroTerror manager

Although his collaborations had been occasional, he has been a member of the Festival committee since 2014. He is part the Logistics and Technology Areas team. He is a teacher and is into folk and popular traditions.

Bernat Segura

Logistics and Technology Areas

She has been part of the Festival committee since 2013 and she manages the volunteer team. She is also short film programmer and handles the merchandising control during the Festival. She is a short and feature movie producer as well as documentary producer. She is involved in the audio-visual world through the production company AVED Producciones.

Sílvia García

Volunteer Coordination and Short Film Programmer

He became a member of the Festival committee in 2014 after having been a member of the volunteer team for two years. He works as a teacher and manages the Molins Horror Games. He also collaborates with the short film selection for the Official Section and coordinates the live performances.


Sergi Sanmartí

Short Film programmer and Molins Horror Games manager

He became a member of the Festival in 2013. Since then, he has been involved in contacting movie producers and distributors in order to establish the Festival programming. He is the co-director and also manages the Sala Gòtica.

Omar Parra

Co-director, Film Programmer and Sala Gòtica manager

They are members of the Festival organization since 2015. They come from and they manage the Festival social networks accounts and the website, provide support to Communication Area by communicating with the press and manage the 20 Horror Seconds Video Contest.

Jordi Freixedas & Jordi Cierco

Communication Area. Social Network, webpage and 20 Segundos Movistar management

He became a member of the Festival in 2015 and carries out the translations to English of all the communications streaming through the different channels, platforms and websites both internal and external. He acts also as short film programmer.

Agustí Lloberas

Translator and Short Film Programmer

Member of the Festival since 2015, he is the creator of the mappings and manages the video edition and the Graphic Department.

Joan Jarque

Branding design, Mapping and video

She manages the Short Story Contest as a link with Biblioteca El Molí, and leads the Horror Session for Children and the High School Horror Sessions Department.

Gloria Massana

Short Stories, High SCool and Children Sessions

He has been helping the Festival for years and now he manages the Networking & Pitching.

Javier Rueda


Member of the festival since 2015, he is a short film programmer and provides support to Communication Area.

Manel Calpe

Communication and short films programmer

They have been members of the Festival team since 2010 and participate in the team of Terrorweekend which collaborates with the Festival. It is the official channel of FantBilbao and Festival de Cinema de Terror de Sabadell.

Juan Antonio Barnes & Maite Pascual

Communication Area

She became part of the Festival’s staff early in 2017 as a video operator and editor. She covers the technical aspects of the interviews to guests and manages terrorMolins and gastroterror’s Instagram accounts.

Carla Jarque

Instagram & video edition

He became a member of the Festival committee in 2017. He is a Business Intelligence Specialist and manages terrorMolins’ Marketing Department, the sponsors and the Festival’s GDPR compliance.


Enric Muraday

Marketing Department and sponsors
Raul - Zita - terrorMolins

They cover the workshops, activities at La Gótica, El Molí Library, Networking and spontaneous presentations or events. They also act as a backup for Aved Producciones. Zita volunteered from 2013 to 2016 acquiring a love for the Festival that led her in 2017 to join the staff with her associate Raul.

Raül & Zita

Photography team

Member of the staff of the Festival since the 2019, Pattie Clapés-Saganyoles is the public relations and manages, among other things, our guests and their relation with the press.

Pattie Clapés-Saganyoles

Public Relations

After being member of the Young Jury in 2013, he joined the festival team in 2015 as a camera operator and video editor through AVED Producciones.

Iban Granero del Río

Camera operator and video editor

Festival member from 2003 to 2017, he was the person in charge of attending on guests, jury members and VIP’s. He is a musician and has written the music for several short movie soundtracks.



Ronny Ramírez

Guest Relations Coordinator

She has been a member of the Festival committee since 2010 and she manages media credentials and access to the festival. She has got a degree in audio-visual media and has collaborated with a number of different festivals. She also regularly appears in radio programmes about cinema.

Txell Civil

Press Relations


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