Premio de la Crítica de Oro a la Mejor Película de Terrormolins

This year the Critics Golden Award to the best film of Molins Horror will be granted under our agreement with Premios de Cine Blogos de Oro.

The jury of this award is composed by five media members of the Premios de Cine Blogos de Oro association:

yleniaYLENIA CAÑADAS MAYORAL: Biologist by profession and cinephile by nature. The years as a volunteer at the Sitges Festival have forged her union with cinema offering her the opportunity to collaborate with different websites and magazines. She was part of the Young Jury at the Festival of Sitges and also at Terrormolins. Nowadays she is the Contents Director of the online magazine El Cinèfil.


marcosMARCOS CURTO BALLESTEROS: Blogger since 2006, he started his journey leading Blood Stab two years ago after directing blogs like Chronicles of Raven212, Marckwire Chronicles and Deporticulas. He has also collaborated with Videodromo, Siempre en VO, Cine Latino and Asia Cine. He has not a prefered favorite kind of cinema but he is kind on spaghetti-western, noir cinema and horror.


ivanIVÁN FERNÁNDEZ RODRÍGUEZ: Eat up any kind of cinema from all kinds, directors and budgets, with a clear preference for asian movies and low budget films. He dicided to create the blog CineDomingo where he talks about cinema saving his friend from having to listen to him talking about films all day. Nowadays he is member of the Blogos de Oro jury and Sabadell Film Festival..


fco-javierFRANCISCO JAVIER GUTIÉRREZ CASTELLS: He runs the blog Cine de Patio where he has published more than one thousand reviews. he is the president of the emerging Premios de cine Blogos de Oro and collaborates in different cinema related media like Sensacine and Paramount Channel. He has been jury at Atlántida Film Fest, Madrid’s Nocturna, Sant Cugat Fantàstic and Premios Feroz.


davidDAVID SANMARTÍ FUENTES: He works as Project Manager on Innovation and Electrocni Commerce which he combines with one of his passions, cinema. Since he was little he has enjoyed watching movies, fantastic and horror specially. For the last three years he has collaborated with the blog Cinedania, where he writes reviews and makes coverage of Sitges and Molins film festivals..


The winner was announced the 20th of November at 8 pm by director Alberto Marini vía his twitter account

The participant film are those from the Official Selection 2016:

Downhill, by Patricio Valladares

Joe used to be a star in mountain bike riding downhill. After witnessing his best friend’s death during a competition Joe decides to quit the activity.

Tear me apart, by Alex Lightman

The most primitive instincts are often key players in the universe of horror; uncontrolled feelings that can transform us into what we always were.

The Wailing, by Na Hong-Jin

SPECIAL MENTION to CINEMATOGRAPHY terrorMolins 2016. A small village lost among the Korean mountains is the setting of a chain of mysterious and furious murders…

The Neon Demon, by Nicolas Winding Refn

terrorMolins 2016 Closing gala. Jesse is a young model wannabe who has just moved to Los Angeles.

The Eyes of my mother, by Nicolas Pesce

CRITICS AWARD terrorMolins 2016. Francisca and her family live far away from society, in a small country house in the middle of nowhere.

Let Her Out, by Cody Calahan

After she had an accident, Helen starts having nightmares, short memory lapses and hallucinations. After a visit to the doctor, she is diagnosed a benign tumour

K-Shop, by Dan Pringle

Salah owns with his father a kebab shop, in the middle of a busy street where every night young people meet to drink…

Kristen, by Mark Weistra

BEST ACTRESS terrorMolins 2016. The next morning after a party night, Kristen must hurry up and tidy the bar up to open its doors again after a while.

We go on, by Jesse Holland and Andy Mitton

Miles Grissom lives in dread of dying. He offers an important reward to whom can show whether there is a life after death or, on the contrary, death is the real end.

Darling, by Mickey Keating

A young girl is hired to look after a big house while the owner is away.

The Girl With All The Gifts, by Colm McCarthy

It is a dystopic future and humanity has been almost completely devastated by the spread of some kind of mushrooms that lodge some kind of zombie virus.

I am not a serial killer, by Billy O’Brien

BEST FILM, BEST DIRECTOR and BEST ACTOR terrorMolins 2016. John Wayne Cleaver is a dangerous 16-year-old boy, and he knows it. He is obsessed with serial killers…

Train to Busan, by Yeon Sang-Ho

AUDIENCE AWARD terrorMolins 2016. Although Sok-woo doesn’t feel like visiting his former wife, his daughter persuades him to take the high-speed train to Busan.

Lake Bodom, by Taneli Mustonen

The most terrible nightmare for a camper became true at Bodom lake in 1960, when four teenagers were stabbed to death when they were sleeping in their tent.

Under The Shadow, by Babak Anvari

Under the Shadow is set in Tehran, during the 80’s, in the middle of a tense post-revolutionary atmosphere…

The Autopsy of Jane Doe, by André Øvredal

BEST FX terrorMolins 2016. Brian Cox and Emile Hirsch play to colonels (father and son) who get a murder victim that doesn’t show a clear reason for its death.

Cruel Summer, by Phillip Escott and Craig Newman

Small jewel of independent cinema, one of those films that walk along the thin line between horror and drama which will please all kinds of audiences.

The Unseen, by Geoff Redknap

Bob is a victim of a strange illness that takes him away from his wife and daughter. When his daughter is involved in a kidnapping…

The writer’s burrow, by Kurro González

Carlos is a successful writer who is locked up in his house; can not finish his next novel, is blocked. Due to a tragic event he has lost all inspiration.