The Molins de Rei Horror Film Festival will offer for the first time a game day devoted to horror and mystery board games which will be called Horror and Mystery Games.

Molins Horror Juegos

A selection of Spanish publishers will be present with their terrific catalogues. But don’t be afraid if you are easily scared because there will be games with a great thematic range. You will find games telling stories in which you can get completely involved as it often happens in cinema. Moreover, no previous experience is required to play.

Board games have a social element which is essential and which we want to include to widen the scope of our Festival. We want to offer a new activity that makes horror and mystery available to everyone who wants to have the experience. Media such as podcasts, radio programmes and video channels allow us to get in contact with the big offer that we can find in the marketplace.


Molins Horror Juegos

At the same time, we will include a lecture on the connections between cinema and board games. Lecturers will tell us the way board games put narratives, communication tools and gamification together.

Very soon we will let you know the dates and place where these new activities will be held, as well as the list of games that will be present in the event which will surely delight people who are into horror and board games.


Molins Horror Games, exploring new ways into entertainment.

The different activities aimed at entertainment are quickly changing their rules and features. These days we don’t only look for a nice and fun free time, instead we often look for something different. New exciting and original experiences; new interest driving proposals that satisfy our expectations with eclectic ideas that amuse us in a multiple side fashion. This simple and and trendy rule is the starting point for the Molins de Rei Horror Film Festival to organise the Molins Horror Games event.

Board games have exponentially evolved to the point that the offer of games is as wide as existing personal motivations. No overstatement! There are games for everyone: children, teenagers and adults. Some of these games are immersive and the players can imagine themselves in an infinite number of roles; one can become a country-person, police-person, private eye, detective, alien or even a literary character. They also cover a wide range of topics such as adventure, science fiction, transport, food, and, of course, mystery an horror.

Being up to date is not easy with the great offer that every month appears worldwide in the market place. Many of the publishers in Spain introduce new issues from all over the world. That is the reason why one must take the chance of checking specialised blogs or postcasts. Moreover, crowdfunding platforms such as Verkami or Kickstarter are great information sources too.

In present days, the board game industry is developing fast. For the last years, the publishing offer has become bigger all over the Iberian peninsula. Moreover, publishers issue new games very often either in their own production or import. One can hardly be up to date in this field because of the great number of new issues.

Do not forget that fiction is very popular in some countries because of their existing comic tradition. France and Germany are reference countries in the board game world. Both of them have internationally well known festivals: Cannes and Essen are the places where they hold events in connection with board games and very relevant awards are given.