Sección Oficial Cortometrajes 2017

WE TOGETHER (7’10’’)
Henry Kaplan – USA
Screenplay: Henry Kaplan
Photography: Christopher Ripley
Production: Nash Cubero, Ben Kuller
FX & Make up: Eric Fox, Carmen Wilson
Music: Kerron Hurd
Cast: Martel Rudd, Khris McAffee
Synopsis: One zombie suddenly remembers the person he once had been.


ELLOS (3’35’’)
Guillermo Tirado i Daniel Tirado – Spain
Screenplay: Guillermo Tirado i Daniel Tirado
Photography: Adrián Fernández
Production: Guillermo Tirado
FX: Toni Mortero
Make up: Teresa Barragán
Cast: Eva Isanta, Lucia de la Fuente, Álvaro Balas
Synopsis: Horror and anguish invade a boy and his family when something strange wants to break into their home.


L’ORA DEL BUIO (11’55’’) loradelbuio
Domenico De Feudis – Italy
Screenplay: Domenico De Feudis
Photography: Luca Santagostino
Production: Domenico De Feudis, David Jarrat
Make up: Jessica Bianchini
Music: Antonello Danteri
Cast: Maria Disegna, Lucia Batassa
Synopsis: A girl has been kidnapped by a strange woman. There is only a way to break out: calling for help.


David Pérez Sañudo – Spain
Screenplay: Sergio Granda, David Pérez Sañudo
Photography: Víctor Benavides
Production: Luis Espinosa
Make up: Izaskun Makua
Music: Jorge Granda
Cast: Fernando Albizu, Adam Jezierski
Synopsis: Daniel goes to a job interview. If he is selected, he will have to walk Sigfried, Cosme’s dog.


HELL OF A DAY (12’09’’) bonedaddyproductions888
Evan Hughes – Australia
Screenplay: Evan Hughes
Photography: Trent Schneider
Production: Evan Hughes
FX & Make up: Liz Jenkins
Music: Erin McKimm
Cast: Alexandra Octavia
Synopsis: A lonely surivor in a post-apocalyptic world is locked in the basement of a zombie invaded building. The struggle will include fighting against loneliness too.


Gabriel Vilandré – Canada
Screenplay: Gabriel Vilandré
Photography: Jean-Michel Martin
Production: Carl Morin
Make up: Marianne Pelletier
Music: Crispian St. Peters, Armando Trovajoli
Cast: Bruno Verdoni, Rosalie Fortier
Synopsis: Amélie meets a strange man at the laundry.


PETUL (15’52’’)
Charles Cheval – França
Screenplay: Charles Cheval
Photography: Aastha Gohil
Production: Guillaume Quetel
FX & Make up: Julie Barrere, Marie Doiteaux, Thomas Verhaag
Music: Zephyr Perrier
Cast: Lola Alvarez, Francois Marin-Ricci, Quentin Herlemont
Synopsis: The amazing trip of a big rodent across the terrible world of a human family.


CAUCHEMAR CAPITONNÉ (9’20’’) cauchemarcapitonne
Jean-Claude Leblanc – Canada
Screenplay: Jean-Claude Leblanc
Photography: Anthony Gharzouzi
Production: Jean-Claude Leblanc, Christian Racine
FX: Jean Mathieau Berube, Carlo Arieti, Matisse Contant
Make up: Lori Hamel
Cast: Sébastien Huberdeau, Maude St-Pierre
Synopsis: A couple want to get rid of a chair in which someone had committed suicide.


FILIPPA (4’45’’)
Alexander Rönnberg – Sweden
Screenplay: Alexander Rönnberg
Photography: Simon Olson
Production: Agnes Blåsjö
FX & Make up: Therése Lydeholt Berg, Anna Undin
Music: Pär Frid, Karl Frid
Cast: Magnus Sundberg, Freja Gustafsson
Synopsis: A man comes back home after work. His daughter wants to play seek and hide. But is she really his daughter?


JULIETTE (6’37’’) Cartoons
Lora D’Addazio – Belgica
Screenplay: Lora D’Addazio
Production: Lora D’Addazio
Music: Nicolas Grombeer
Cast: Sarah Lefèvere
Synopsis: Juliette and her two friends are driving. During the drive, they are gossiping all the time without paying attention to the road.


9 PASOS (7’04’’)
Marisa Crespo Abril, Moisés Romera Pérez – Spain
Screenplay: Marisa Crespo Abril, Moisés Romera Pérez
Photography: Wally Sanz
Production: Moisés Romera Pérez
Make up: Teresa Martínez
Music: Vicente Chust
Cast: Jordi Ballester, Pablo Muñoz
Synopsis: There are only nine steps to the end of fear.


Stellan Kendrick – USA
Screenplay: Stellan Kendrick
Photography: Julia Swain
Production: Stellan Kendrick, Gloria Sandoval, Graham S. Wetterhahn
FX: Sergey Metelskiy, Dmitri Talin
Make up: Allie Shehorn
Music: S. Peace Nistades
Cast: Courtney Gains, Caige Coulter
Synopsis: A girl hears from her room how her mum’s new boyfriend is attacking her.


LIZ DRIVES (7’59’’)
Mia’kate Russell – Australia
Screenplay: Mia’kate Russell
Photography: Rah Dakota
Production: Tim Egan, Mia’kate Russell, Cassandra Magrath, Sophia Davey
FX & Make up: Lizzie Sharp
Cast: Sophia Davey, Cassandra Magrath, Christopher Kirby, Amy Bradney-George
Synopsis: Two sisters are driving at night. Something unexpected is waiting along the road.


DAEMONRUNNER (4’40’’) @daemonrunner
Kiah Roache-Turner – Australia
Screenplay: Kiah Roache-Turner
Production: Tristan Roache-Turner
Cast: Nandalie Campbel-Killick, Catherine Terracine, Carmel Rose
Synopsis: Daemonhunters track and subdue a possessed girl.


BLOOD SHED (13’18’’)
James Moran – UK
Screenplay: James Moran, Cat Davies
Photography: Jack Ayers
Production: Cat Davies
FX & Make up: Kirsty Leigh Graham, Grace Sargeant
Music: Ben Foster
Cast: Shaun Dooley, Sally Phillips
Synopsis: Jack and Helen have bought a new shed for their back yard. It is not an ordinary shed.


FÉROCE (15’) Cartoons
Izú Troin – França
Screenplay: Izú Troin, Alain Gagnol
Production: Reginald de Guillebon, Corinne Destombes
Cartoons: Morten Riisberg Hansen, Hefang Wei
FX: Izú Troin
Music: Rob
Synopsis: A young executive has been kidnapped. He wakes up in the middle of a forest where a hunter will be stalking him.


JITTERMAN (12’03) JittermanMovie
Alex Mathieson – UK
Screenplay: Alex Mathieson
Photography: Richard C. Bell
Production: Sagal Aden-Buxton
FX & Make up: Kieran Baxter
Music: Eric Elick
Cast: Naomi Petersen, Alex Stuckey, Tom Gordon, Kirsty Yates
Synopsis: A babysitter is looking after a boy when she feels that there is something strange in the house.


CENTRIFUGADO (10’49’’) centrifugadoshortfilm
Mireia Noguera – Spain
Screenplay: Mireia Noguera
Photography: Alex Pizzigallo
Production: Uriel Wisnia
Make up: Marta Reverter
Music: Miquel Coll
Cast: Rikar Gil, Matilde Fonollar, Marina Esteve
Synopsis: A young is at the laundry and helps an old lady to take her washing back home. Once there, she does not seem to be willing to let him out.


Nic Alderton – UK
Screenplay: Nic Alderton
Photography: Laurence Blyth
Production: Nic Alderton, Lucy Cudden
Make up: Emma Kasper
Music: Sefi Carmel
Cast: Myanna Buring, Alex Hassell
Synopsis: A thief mugger tries to assault a mysterious woman who will trade his soul for three wishes.



Short Films out of competition

Downunder – Friday 10th, 10pm

Original title: Downunder downunderfandafilms
Year: 2017
Country: España
Running time: 19 min.
Director: Fernando González Gómez
Screenwriter: Fernando González Gómez
Cinematography: Helher Escribano
Music: Alf Garret, Iker Arranz
Sound: José Luis Morales
Editing: Fernando González Gómez
Animation: Alex Diez, José Luís Sánchez
Artistic director: Laura Lostalé
Production Co.: Fanda Films, Lunatic Visual Studio, Helher Studio, Robin Hood Films, Square Studio, 360 FlyFIlm
Cast: Niko Verona, Maggie Civantos, Ramiro Blas, Marcial Álvarez, Fernando Tielve
Synopsis: Daniel is a family father travelling to the town of Tenant, it is the year 81 in the south-eastern America, his old Chevi gets affected by intense heat and Daniel fins himself stranded by the road in a huge and infinite sea of sand. In this place there are very few cars, is not recommended to travel alone, if these sideroads spoke…



Dead horses – Friday 17th, 10pm

Original title: Cavalls morts
Year: 2016
Running time: 7 min.
Country: Spain
Director: Marc Riba, Anna Solanas
Screenwriters: Marc Riba, Anna Solanas
Music: Xavi Lloses
Cinematography: Anna Molins
Editing: Sergi Martí
Artistic direction: Marc Riba
Costumes: Anna Ribera
Production: I+G Stop Motion

Synopsis: In an isolated and unknown place during a war a child is forced to flee. On his way, horse corpses everywhere. Only dead horses. Why? Why horses have decided to kill themselves?

Cavalls morts, cortometraje para la clausura


Versus, short film by Demetrio Elorz – Sunday 12th, 5pm

Original Title: Versus
Year: 2017
Country: Spain
Running time: 8 min
Director: Demetrio Elorz
Scriptwriter: Demetrio Elorz
Composer: Carlos Noain
Cinematography: Javi Agirre
Cameraman: Javi Agirre
Sound: Alazne Ameztoy
Edition: Demetrio Elorz
Art: Christian Truppster
Hairstyler: Diana Ledesma
Makeup artist: Diana Ledesma
FX: Unai Guerra
Production company: Antiteater Films
Producers: Alexander Castrillo, Koldo Agirre
Cast: Koldo Olabarri, Eneko Sagardoy, Martxelo Rubio, Kepa Errasti, Amaia
Lizarralde, Sasha Smith, Ander Iruretagoiena

Synopsis: Two tennis players get ready for an intense match. The game finishes with the first point. The spectators acclaim the winner.

Versus, cortometraje de Demetrio Elorz