GastroTerror 2018

This proposal spontaneously raised from bars, restaurants and confectioners from Molins de Rei with the intention to join the momentum of the Festival in the town.

GastroTerror 2018

Download the GastroTerror 2018 guide

For this 5th edition of GastroTerror we again publish a leaflet including pictures, timetables and addresses of each of the premises involved. It must be used as a passport where everyone will be able to stamp their tasting.

Moreover, we’ll be calling again a photography contest via Twitter and Instagram where visitors should post their pictures with the hashtag #gastroterror.

It will last since November 2nd until November 18th and the premises involved will be distinguished with a sticker label including the #GastroTerror logo.

The GastroTerror 2018 participants are:

  • Bar Beretxu @barberetxu barberetxu
  • La Volta @lavolta_restaurant Restaurantlavolta
  • Pummarò Pummaro @pummaromolins
  • Caravan Made
  • Bar Local Musical @barlocal89 @barmusicallocal barmusicallocal
  • Cal Mingo @esmorzardeforquilla Cal-Mingo-Bar
  • Carnisseria David @carnsdavid carnsDAVID
  • El Tast web El tast @eltastmolins @eltastmolins eltastmolins
  • Can Pizza @CANPIZZAOFICIAL canpizzamolins
  • Bar La Fede @la_fede_restaurant cofferestaurant
  • Bar Diana @bardianamolins bardianamolins
  • Bar Carambola @caravana_carambola caravanacarambola
  • El Pati @elpatimolins
  • La Barrina @labarrina @casal_la_barrina labarrina.molins
  • Forn i Pastisseria Arenas Molins web Pastisseria Arenas @arenasmolins @arenasmolins arenasmolins
  • Nyam Nyam @nyamnyambar NyamNyamFree
  • Cèltic @celticmolinsderei celticmolinsderei
  • Baccus Empiric web baccusmolins @baccusmolins
  • El Foment
  • Setembre web Setembre @setembremolins @setembremolins setembremolins
  • Taperia Lemos @taperialemos
  • Roca Pastissers web Pastisseria Roca Roca-Pastissers
  • El Ñoqui El Ñoqui
  • Ramirito
  • Boca Orella @bocaorella El Ñoqui
  • Miguelón @miguel_on_molins
  • La Peni @barlapeni la-peni
  • Pastisseria Cardona web Pastisseria Cardona @pastisseria_cardona pastisseriacardona
  • Pork’s House Pork's House
  • La llauna @lallaunamolins La-llauna

Gastroterror 2018 mapa

You can see here the members of Gastroterror 2017.
During the last edition, our audience reached the amount of 5,000 people over the ten days of the Festival. For us, having the chance to breathe such a cinematic atmosphere in the streets of the town is a great experience. In this respect, we have the support and collaboration of Regidoría de Turisme de l’Ajuntament de Molins de Rei, Unió de Botiguers de Molins de Rei, Mercat Municipal and Turisme Baix Llobregat.
GastroTerror 2017