Los miembros de los jurados del Festival de Cine de Terror de Molins de Rei 2018 que decidirán el palmarés de la Sección Oficial de Largometrajes, la Sección Oficial de Cortometrajes, incluido el Méliès de Plata, y los Premios de la Crítica de Oros de la presente edición son:



Jurado Sección Oficial de Largometrajes

Txintxu Prida: Born in Bilbao in 1983. He has a degree in Audiovisual Communication at the Univertity of Navarra. After working for a few years at the Managing Departemnt of national series like “Yo soy Bea” o “Bandolera”, he is working as a programmer of the horror channel DARK as well as the action channel XTRM of AMC Networks Internacional Iberia. He has written and directed more than a dozen short films (“Seres”; “La divertida historia del hombre que olía a pedo etc…) , he usually contributes his work for the fanzine “ketekagas” and manages his own blog hongosdepiscina.

Toni L. Alarcón: Barcelona, 1976. Cinema reviewer and journalist. He coordinates Imágenes de Actualidad and is a member of the editing committee of Dirigido Por, he has worked in media like La Vanguardia, Mirades de cine, Scifiworld Magazine and SFX, among others. He teached specialised workshops at the cinema shop The Cinema (Barcelona) and in his own online school, Escola de Cinema Toni L. Alarcón. Before that he had taught at schools like Observatorio de Cine i La Casa del Cine, and Facultat de Comunicació Blanquerna. He has contributed to more than twenty colective books (publisher of Festival de Sitges and Donostia Kultura), he is the author of Del cómic al cine and Al caer la noche: Terror catódico americano 1970-1981 (nominated to the awards Premios Ignotus to the Best Non-fiction book). He manages his personal website, toniolalarcon.com, and his YouTube channel devoted to cinema and comics. IN 2016 he was awarded the Premio Miradas at the Festival de Cinema Inédito de Mèrida.

Judith Colell: born in Barcelona in 1968. She has a degree in History of Art and Certificate in Film from the University of New York. She has directed feature films like “El domini dels sentits (Col·lectiu), “Dones” (2001) awarded at Sitges Film Festival, Lorca and Vitoria among others, ’53 dies d’hivern ‘(2007) presented at San Sebastian Film Festival, best actres at Festival de Tolosa and nominated for 10 awards Barcelona, and “Elisa K” (2010), awarded with the Jury Special Award of San Sebastián, Special Mention of the Jury in Nantes, Premi Nacional de Cultura de la Generalitat de Catalunya, 5 nominations in the Gaudí awards and to Best Adapted Screenplay at Goya awards. She directed “Positius” (2008), “Fragments” (2003), “Radiacions” (2012) and “L’últim ball de Carmen Amaya” (2014) for the television. Sha has been vice-chairwoman of the Academia de las Artes y las Ciencias de España between 2011 and 2015. At present she is a member of the managing staff. She is also manager of the degree on Audiovisual Communication and professor at Blanquerna, Universitat Ramon Llull de Barcelona.

Natalia Rodríguez: actress born in Madrid in 1992, she started her carreer at the age of 13 in the debut works of directors Tristán and David Ulloa, since then she has worked in projects such as Els Protegits, El Perfecte Desconegut, Estimar és per sempre, Traïció or the forthcoming premiere of La Sala.

Carlota Caso: she started her career in the industry of cinema in 2005, in the area of Audiovisual Distribution of import media. After studying the Master on Film Business at the Escola de Cinema i Audiovisuals de Catalunya (ESCAC) she started her interest in the export area. Her scope widened when she started her career in International Distribution and copyright management within the company Film Factory Entertainment, S.L. In 2012, Carlota defended her master research thesis for the Máster de Cine y Televisión. Guion, realización y producción, de la Universitat Ramon Llull of Barcelona. In 2014 she began her teaching activity, which gained more and more relevance with her collaboration with important colleges such as Universitat Ramon Llull, EICTV – Escuela Internacional de San Antonio de los Baños (Cuba), Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (UIC), Universitat de Barcelona, where she works as associate professor. She also teaches at the Escola de Cinema i Audiovisuals de Catalunya (ESCAC), which she can actually call her second home. Besides teaching, her latest activities have been oriented to marketing and consulting for developing projects (tv series and feature films) and the creation of campaigns for finished films pending of premiere, as for instance Incierta Gloria (directed by Agustí Villaronga).


Jurado Sección Oficial de Cortometrajes

Marta Lladó: lawyer, cultural agent, manager of Catalunya Flms Festivals and co-manager of Andorra Kids’ Film Festivals. She started her professional career as a lawyer involved in business and public administration issues. Since 2007, she has been linked to cinema festivals in Catalonia, she has co-worked in the field of public relations at festivals such as San Sebastián, Sitges, Docs Barcelona, MECAL. She has managed subsidies for Festival l’Alternativa, Festival de Cinema Independent de Barcelona, FEC Festival among others. She also manages Catalunya Film Festivals, an association of Catalan Film Festivals. In 2014 she launched ANDORRA KID’S Film Festival, first and only cinema festival for children in Andorra.

Agustí Argelich: coordinates Filmets Badalona Film Festival. He has also worked for “Anata O Korosu” (2012) and Curtcircuit33. For 6 years he has been producer of news broadcasting and culture programs for TV3.

Mireia Noguera: Director from Manresa, born in 1992. Noguera studied Audiovisual Communication at and is Màster en Direcció Cinematogràfica, at the cinema school Bande à Part. Her short film Centrifugado won the last edition of the short film competition in TerrorMolins. She has been part of the team of a number of Catalan and foreign productions, like the 6th and 7th seasons of Game of Thrones. At present, she is preparing her second short film.


Jurado Premio de la Crítica de Oro al mejor largometraje

Saül Ivars (Desde el Sofá Cine y Tv)
Periodista todoterreno especializado en Comunicación Cultural en el sector del Cine y las Series. En 2014 aterrizó en la web Desde el sofá Cine y TV y colabora con otras webs como Mundoplus.tv y elrincónTV y con el BccN. Ha sido Jurado de la Crítica en el Sant Cugat Fantástic y Jurado Joven en el Americana Film Fest.

David Sanmartí (Cinedania)
He is a Project Manager and he is also devoted to one of his passions, cinema. Since hi was a child he has always loved watching films, specially fantastic and horror films. He usually works for the blog Cinedania, where he writes his reviews and covers a number of festivals, among which Sitges and Terrormolins.

Francisco Javier Gutiérrez (Cine de Patio)
Main editor of the blog Cine de Patio, where he has written more than two thousand reviews, he founder and chairman of the Blogos de Oro awards. He has also worked for a number of media and companies connected with cinema and has been Jurat Oficial de la Crítica in Sitges as well as many other festivals.

Jurado Premio de la Crítica de Oro al mejor cortometraje

Denise Castro (Director, writer and producer) – Chairwoman of the jury
She studied and worked at Escola Superior de Cine i Audiovisuals de Catalunya. In that period she made several shorts, adverts and videoclips and her opera prima “Salvación” (Escac Films). Her second feature film was awarded “Maniac Tales” (Kandale Films) and will premiére in November. Her third work, “Drácula de Denise Castro” (with her own production company), has just premiered. Now she is projecting her fourth film.

Ester Villacampa (Desde el Sofá Cine y Tv)
Cultural agent and cinema lover. At present she is working as producer of “Festival de Cine en Creative Commons” de Barcelona and is developing a PhD on digital narrative. She is an editor of the blog “Desde el Sofá Cine y Tv“.

Laura García (Cine de Patio)
Co-founder and manager of the cinema and series awards Blogos de Oro. She collaborated in the launching of the website “Cine de Patio” where she specialised in writing mini-reviews on Spanish cinema and is a graphic reporter.

Ylenia Cañadas (El Cinèfil)
Biologist and cinema lover. After years volunteering at Festival de Sitges she has streingthened her connection with cinema, and has co-worked at a number of websites and magazines. She has been Jurat Jove at Festival de Sitges and Terrormolins and is content manager of “El Cinèfil“.

Sonia Barroso (Facesonthebox)
Journalist, and cinema reviewer for the website “Facesonthebox” for the last 12 years. She also contributes at RSK Radio’s programme “La Cinemoteka”. She’s been as a press member at Festival de San Sebastián and at Festival de Sitges. She has a passion for European authors’ cinema and a big fan of fantastic and horror films.

Jurado Concurso de Vídeos de Terror de 20 Segundos

Howard GormanHoward Gorman

Periodista y guionista nacido en Huddersfield, pero afincado en Bilbao desde hace años. Escribe habitualmente en webs de género tales como Blumhouse, Rue Morgue, Dread Central, Shock Till You Drop o Tom Holland’s Terror Time y en la revista internacional Fangoria. Es representante en España de la Crypt TV de Eli Roth y coordinador de contenidos en DARK TV, único canal de televisión exclusivamente de cine de género en España
Antonio RosaAntonio Rosa

Director y programador del Festival de Cine Fantástico Insomnia y coordinador de la subsede del Fcat. Obsesionado con el cine de terror, John Ford y Don Hertzfeldt. Podemos escucharlo en la radio desde hace más de cuatro años y a la espera de publicar un libro de género a lo largo de 2019.
Su perfil de Twitter es toda una referencia para los amantes del cine.
Lucio RojasLucio Rojas

Nació en Santiago de Chile en 1978. Ha realizado cuatro largometrajes; en 2011 Muerte Ciega, mientras era estudiante de cine; en 2014 el film experimental Perfidia; en 2015 estrena Sendero y a finales del 2017 estrena Trauma, considerada una de las revelaciones del año uno de los films más potentes de género de la temporada y cuya premier europea tuvo lugar en el Festival de Cine de Terror de Molins de Rei 2017.


Jurado Concurso Microrelatos

Aina Ibañez
Laura Marin
Manel Calpe
Marga Montserrat
Glòria Massana