Molins Horror GamesMolins Horror Games is an event included in the Molins de Rei Horror Film Festival, whose aim is offering a space of family leisure within the wide scope of activities offered by the Festival.

Molins Horror Games 2018 will take place on Sunday November 11th 2018.

It is held at the Sala Gòtica in Molins de Rei, a historical place that can be found in the town centre.

In accordance with the Festival, Molins Horror Jocs is devoted to desktop and table games with a connection with horror an mystery.

Not Alone (GDM Games)

When you visit an alien planet you can find some hungry creatures. This is what the game Not Alone focuses in. A group of space troopers arrive in Artemia. The place looks like paradise until the Creature enters makes its entrance. It is going to follow and eat everyone. It is a card game set in a wild and dangerous planet.

Demon Worker (GDM)

Eurogames were not usual for Guerra de Mitos. However, they seem to be widening their ludic scope with this Demon Worker. They have launched a Verkami/Kickstarter, a classic style Tudor game. It is a worker placement game in competition to become the Devil King. Organise your troops, create devilish weapons and prevent being dethroned.

After the virus (Maldito)

You and your friends are running away to survive a new zombie apocalypse. There are 15 missions that make up a single story with a plot that might perfectly make a great horror film. Manage a card stack and avoid being overwhelmed by the undead invasion.

Apocalipsis Z (GDM Games)

Inspired in international writer, Manel Loureiro’s novels. David Illescas designed the game that takes us to an apocalyptic environment where the world is no longer what it used to be. A cooperative board game in which players must work in teams in order to survive. It can be played as a collection of stories and has a narrative nature set within the book plot. The adventure starts with the protagonists taking shelter at the Meixoeiro hospital. Save them and fight against zombies as weel as against other humans.

Wanted 7 (GDM Games)

No doubt, the far west can be very dangerous. A land ruled by the strongest and the “tit for tat” law. The game gives you the chance to be an influential citizen of Golden River. The gold rush has spread all around. You need to hire the bravest gunmen to protect you from robbers and murderers.

Maldito Games

Francisco Álamo is responsible of Maldito Games editions. It is a publisher made by people who are mad about board games. Their publishing line is specialised in the search of games which are already present in the market that lack a Spanish version in order to have a bigger audience. Besides, they also promote brand new editions in order to offer high quality games.

Serie Q (GDM Games)

Trilogies are frequent among board game franchises. Guerra de Mitos introduces this classic style card game series. Designed by Josep Izquierdo Sánchez and Martí Lucas Feliu, the game makes us live a one hour adventure in which we must solve mystery and horror cases. The three first games are La tumba del arqueólogo [The archeologist’s grave], Última llamada [Last Call] and Muerte el 4 de julio [Death on July 4th].

Guerra de mitos

Francisco Gallego (Pak) is the manager of Guerra de Mitos editions. This editor’s main feature is their ludic offer addressed to all audiences. Their board games do not take much time, with simple rules, and minimal settings. They also have anime inspired games as well as a collectible card game called Guerra de Mitos [Myth War] which has an international impact.

In future editions we want to widen this perspective, with the addition of topics or settings not necessarily connected with horror. This way we’ll be able to show the educative, cultural, as well as leisure dimensions of the rich variety of desktop games.

The event will also include lectures on the world of games, and an important offer of Escape Rooms. Alternative and educative leisure activities are meant to be central in our cultural offer.

The first edition of Molins Horror Jocs took place in 2017 with more than 150 attendants and 12 guest publishers.

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