Feature films Jury

Blanca Escoda
Screenwriter consultant and scriptwriter through her own consultancy firm, Decoding Stories. She is also tutor of the Cineuropa scriptwriting course and screenwriter analyst for the Filmarket Hub. She has been jury in several European film festivals and has been a panelist at the New York Independent Film Festival. She has attended Robert Mckee and Linda Seger seminars.

Paul Urkijo
Since he was a small child he has exhibited an interest in drawing and comics. He delved into the world of literature, mythology, comic and film, and has a predilection for fantasy. In 2008 he finished his degree in Fine Arts and began his professional career with a focus on audio-visual production, illustration and infographics. He started writing and directing his own short films, both live action and animated: “Naara” 2015, “El bosque negro” 2013, “Los monstruos no existen” 2011, “Ohe azpiko Zera” y “Jugando con la muerte” 2010, “Cuchillo, McGregor y el Vasco” 2008, “El pez plomo” 2007, “Iltzeak/Clavos” 2005. Films he has written and directed have won 85 national and international awards and his works have been featured in 400 festivals worldwide. In 2016 he wrote, direted and produced his first feature film: “Errementari” inspired in the Basque fable tale “Patxi Errementaria”.

Daniel Santis
History graduate (with works on film history and cinema as a historical source), he has been working in private TV (1997) for more than 20 years, beginning with the film channels TV guide (Via Digital) , together with Ramón Colom (1999). In PRISA, he worked on programming and contents of Canal + (Digital +) film channels and participated in the launch of the cinema thematic channels (2007). Since 2015, along with the head of the department, Paco Fox, they are a tandem of Cinema Selection in Movistar +, within the area of Editorial and Contents of the Telefónica TV platform.

Ramon Térmens
He made his debut as a scriptwriter and codirector of the film “Joves” (2005), which earned him the Best New Director Award at the Ciutat de Barcelona Awards. He later worked in Los Angeles as a scriptwriter, until he filmed his first solo project as director, “Negro Buenos Aires” in 2009. In 2011 he co-wrote, directed, produced and distributed “Catalunya Über Alles!” with his own production company, Segarra Films. His next project was the documentary film “Jordi Dauder, La revolución pendiente”, awarded with the Gaudí Award for Best Documentary, and the film “The Evil That Men Do”, presented at the 2015 Montreal Film Festival. In 2017, the documentary “Lesa Humanitat” by Héctor Fáver was premiered, which he co-produced and distributed. As a distributor in recent times, he has released “El Vacío”, “Nunca estamos solos”, “Bienvenidos a Brasil”, “Ana y el Apocalipsis” and “Sofía”. In 2019, he shot his fifth film as director: “Illegal woman”.

Romain Roll
Romain Roll, born in «Rosemary Baby’s Cradle», is especially fascinated by genre films since he was a kid. He is the consultant and co-creator of the BIF-Market (the first film market dedicated only for genre films) which takes place since 3 years during the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival (BIFFF). He is also part of the European Fantastic Films Festivals Federation (EFFFF) and involved in the fantastic film industry since nearly 30 years. During 10 years he was running the Cinénygma Luxembourg International Film Festival. He acted in Paul Burrow’s thriller «Nature Morte» and in Hélène Cattet and Bruno Forzani’s «The Strange Color of your Body’s Tears». Actually he is also the creative producer of a fantastic TV show.

Short films Jury

Vanessa Pérez
Founder and director of Craft Film Festival Barcelona. She worked as PR, Iconographer, Staging assistant for Canal+, executive producer of two feature films, both premiered at Sitges Film Festival in 2013 and 2014. She also worked with Capricci Cine Spain as a programmer of “Hasta ver la luz”, a first feature film, selected in the Quinzaine des réalisateurs at Cannes 2013. She is the granddaughter of Manuel Pérez de Somacarrera, journalist and Assistant Director during and after de Spanish Civil War.

Gloria Fernández
Journalism graduate, her love for cinema pushed her to participate in the production of films such as “El Viaje de Arián” by Eduard Bosch. In 2003, she decided to join CineAsia, the first Asian cinema magazine in Spain as editor. She has collaborated in several publications, coordinated and written books, including “Ten Years of Asian Terror: 19952005” and “Johnnie To: Redefining the Author Cinema” for the Sitges-International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia, “Hong Sang-soo cinema”,”Brillante Mendoza: Retratando la realidad filipina” and “(De)construyendo Apichatpong Weerateshakul” for the International Film Festival of Gijón. He also occasionally teaches in universities and film schools such as the University of Barcelona (UB), the University of Málaga (UMA) or La Casa del Cine. Currently, she is a member of the selection committee in the programming of the Sitges Festival and the Granada-Cines del Sur Festival.

Antonio Rosa
Cádiz, 1994. Founder, director and programmer of the INSOMNIA Fantastic Film Festival El Puerto de Santa María. He has been coordinating for the past two years the suboffice of the FCAT in Cádiz and he is currently in charge of selecting and programming short films at La Vieja Encina Festival. He combines editorial and management tasks in festivals with various radio programs. In 2019 he published “Terror in sèrie” (Héroes de Papel), a book that reviews the most iconic (and forgotten) genre series of the last 60 years.