Molins Horror Games

Molins Horror Games is a boardgames event included in the Molins Film Festival, whose aim is offering a space of family leisure within the wide scope of activities offered by the Festival.

Molins Horror Games 2019 will take place on Sunday November 10th 2019.

It is held at the Sala Gòtica in Molins de Rei, a historical place that can be found in the town centre.

In accordance with the Festival, Molins Horror Games is devoted to desktop and table games with a connection with horror an mystery.

“Lately, board games are more and more present in our society, not only as a free time activity but as a learning and developing model for children and grown ups. At Júpiter Juegos Barcelona, we bet for a close up connection in order to bring everyone into this wonderful world of board games. That is why we want to be part of Molins Horror Games. You can’t miss it!” Daniel Romero, Júpiter Juegos

Júpiter Juegos Barcelona official sponsor of Molins Horror Games 2019

The gaming shop Júpiter Juegos Barcelona, placed in the so called “nerdy triangle” of the Arc de Triomf area, has supported our project becoming the official sponsor of Molins Horror Games.

It is managed by Joan Grau i Daniel Romero, who are going to be with us on this edition with the intention of contributing their experience and knowledge

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Molins Horror Games 2019: November 10th, 2019. Boardgames event included in the Molins Film Festival – terrorMolins, that will take place at Sala La Gòtica Palau Requesens of Molins de Rei (Plaça Palau de Requesens, s/n, 08750 Barcelona)