terrorMolins 2019 Official Short Films Selection

Country: Canada
Running time: 7 min.
Director: James Cadden
Screenplay: James Cadden
Cinematography: James Cadden
Editor: James Cadden
FX: Brendan James Boyd
Music: Jingel Punks
Executive producer: J Joly
Producer: Rebecca Bell
Cast: Melissa Kwasek, Murray Farnell
Mark and Jenny, economically broken, agree to participate in a mysterious experiment. Apparently it’s just about eating, but things won’t progress as expected.

Country: France
Running time: 7 min.
Directors: Paul Autric, Quentin Camus, Léa Georges, Maryka Laudet, Zoé Sottiaux, Corentin Yvergniaux
Music: Nicolas Cornil
Sound: Lucie Krencker
Producer: Julien Deparis
During a romantic getaway, Alan and Beverly cause a fatal accident in nature. The crime will not stay unpunished.

Country: Spain
Running time: 13 min.
Director: Javier Chavanel
Screenplay: Javier Chavanel
Cinematography: Carlos Iglesias
Editor: Javier Chavanel
Sound: Damián López
Producer: Miguel Ángel Lozano
Cast: Loreto Santamaría, Luis Miguel Jara
Borja is about to meet his girlfriend’s parents. It is usually an awkward situation, but it will be much more than you could imagine.

Country: Norway
Running time: 4 min.
Director: Vidar T. Aune
Screenplay: Vidar T. Aune
Cinematography: Vegard Jonsson
Editor: Ina Sofie Martinsen
Music: Petter Solvik Dahle
Sound: Jakob Bechmann
Producer: Mathias Dahlström
Cast: Astrid Oline Rinnan Green, Johannes Baadsvik
A teenage girl wakes up when she hears noises in her room. It seems that there is an unexpected visitor.

Country: Spain
Running time: 9 min.
Director: Pedro Pacheco
Screenplay: Pedro Pacheco, María Dopico
Cinematography: Bartolomé Lomeña
Editor: Pedro Pacheco
Music: Felipe Milano
Sound: Ignacio Román
Producer: María Dopico
Production: Demente Films
Cast: Marcos Rodríguez, Kiu López
Julian, an 11-year-old boy, is in the woods playing with his friends. The children disappear, Julian is lost and someone starts chasing him.

Country: EUA
Running time: 10 min.
Director: Parker Finn
Screenplay: Parker Finn
Cinematography: Daniel Clarke
Editor: Tristan Borys
Make-up and FX: Nelson Cooper
Music: Rob Himebaugh
Sound: Matthew Schwartz
Producer: Jessica Bonander
Cast: Robin Collins, Jared Wheeler, Abiel Bruhn
Lost in the deep forest, a lonely backpacker runs into a strange presence.

Country: Spain
Running time: 5 min.
Director: Víctor Català
Screenplay: Carlos C. Tomé
Cinematography: Víctor Català
Editor: Anaïs Urraca
FX: Víctor Duque
Music: Joan Vilà
Sound: Carles Comas
Production design: Tere Zuluaga
Producer: Sandra López
Cast: Ayla López, Zoe Arnao, Miko Harry
A little girl runs through the forest as if something or someone were stalking her. When she reaches a small clearing, she finds another girl playing alone on a swing.

Country: Canada
Running time: 10 min.
Director: Robert DeLeskie
Screenplay: Robert DeLeskie
Cinematography: Henry Sansom
Editor: Robert DeLeskie
Sound: Scott Bell
Production design: Sasha Tolstoy
Producers: Kate Kung, James Luscombe
Cast: Charlotte Marron, Marie Ward, Erika Swayze
A teenage girl battling obsessive compulsive disorder is a bully victim when suddenly a traumatic event convinces her that her disorder may be an sign of supernatural powers.

Country: Uruguay
Running time: 3 min.
Director: Jorge Menoni
Screenplay: Mariela Krämer
Cinematography: Gonzalo Pose
Editor: Gonzalo Pose
Make-up and MFX: Kiara Soto
FX: Guillermo Pose
Sound: Alejandro Silveira, Gonzalo Pose
Producer: Mariela Krämer
Cast: Mariela Krämer, David De Cuadro, Jorge Menoni
A blind woman makes a disturbing discovery when she’s ready for dinner with her husband.

Country: Spain
Running time: 10 min.
Director: Ángel Hernández
Screenplay: Ángel Hernández
Cinematography: Manuel Peña
Editor: Manuel Peña
FX: Francisco Javier Méndez
Music: Juan D. Mendoza
Sound: Yeray Navarro
Producer: Ángel Hernández
Cast: Diego Higuera, Isidro García, Adán León
An old cyclist sets off on a journey with an uncertain end.

Country: UK
Running time: 10 min.
Director: Yoni Weisberg
Screenplay: Yoni Weisberg
Cinematography: James Watson
Editor: Katie Walters
Make-up and FX: Roxana Gillani
Sound: Paul Caton
Producer: Margot Douglas
Executive producer: Colin Offland
Cast: Tom Bonington
Tonight feels like any other in the everyday life of this office worker, when a sudden blackout seems to awaken a mysterious room.