These are the five first selected shorts for the Molins Film Festival 2019 Official Short Film Selection.

The deadline to submit your short film is August 31st!

terrorMolins 2019 Official Short FIlms Selection

Country: Spain
Running time: 5 min.
Director: Víctor Català
Screenplay: Carlos C. Tomé
Photography: Víctor Català
FX: Víctor Duque
Music: Joan Vilà
Sound: Carles Comas
Production design: Tere Zuluaga
Producer: Sandra López
Cast: Ayla López, Zoe Arnao, Miko Harry
A little girl runs through the forest as if something or someone were stalking her. When she reaches a small clearing, she finds another girl playing alone on a swing.

Country: Canada
Running time: 10 min.
Director: Robert Deleskie
Screenplay: Robert Deleskie
Cinematography: Henry Sansom
Sound: Scott Bell
Production design: Sasha Tolstoy
Producers: Kate Kung, James Luscombe
Cast: Charlotte Marron, Marie Ward, Erika Swayze
A teenage girl battling obsessive compulsive disorder is a bully victim when suddenly a traumatic event convinces her that her disorder may be an sign of supernatural powers.

Country: Uruguay
Running time: 3 min.
Director: Jorge Menoni
Screenplay: Mariela Krämer
Photography: Gonzalo Pose
Make-up and MFX: Kiara Soto
FX: Guillermo Pose
Sound: Alejandro Silveira, Gonzalo Pose
Producer: Mariela Krämer
Cast: Mariela Krämer, David De Cuadro, Jorge Menoni
A blind woman makes a disturbing discovery when she’s ready for dinner with her husband.

Country: Spain
Running time: 10 min.
Director: Ángel Hernández
Screenplay: Ángel Hernández
Photography: Manuel Peña
FX: Francisco Javier Méndez
Music: Juan D. Mendoza
Sound: Yeray Navarro
Producer: Ángel Hernández
Cast: Diego Higuera, Isidro García, Adán León
An old cyclist sets off on a journey with an uncertain end.

Country: UK
Running time: 10 min.
Director: Yoni Weisberg
Screenplay: Yoni Weisberg
Photography: James Watson
Make-up and FX: Roxana Gillani
Sound: Paul Caton
Producer: Margot Douglas
Executive producer: Colin Offland
Cast: Tom Bonington
Tonight feels like any other in the everyday life of this office worker, when a sudden blackout seems to awaken a mysterious room.