TerrorMolins Timeline:

Festival de Cine de Terror de Molins de Rei

November 14

Book: Michael Haneke: La estética del dolor

Libro: Michael Haneke: La estética del dolor
For the second year in a row, the Festival along with publisher editorial Hermenaute presented the Festival's book Michael Haneke: La estética del dolor.
November 10

XXXVI Edition

leitmotiv del TerrorMolins 2017: the edge of horror
TerrorMolins 2017 made a tribute to the director Michael Haneke focusing on its famous film Funny Games, of which we had its main actor Arno Fritz as Festival's Jury.
November 18

Book: Puede ser contagioso. Las mutaciones en el cine de género

Libro: Puede ser contagioso. Las mutaciones en el cine de género
TerrorMolins first official book: Puede ser contagioso. Las mutaciones en el cine de género (IT MAY BE INFECTIOUS. MUTATIONS IN GENRE CINEMA). A thorough review of the diverse mutant instances created by the genre cinema since its beginnings until now.
November 12

David Cronenberg invites you to TerrorMolins

David Cronenberg invites you to TerrorMolins
Canadian director David Cronenberg supports us.
November 11

XXXV Edition

Edición XXXV
The 2016 edition had mutations as main subject and The Fly movie as main character.
November 10

XXXIV Edition

Edición XXXIV
Edition focused on phobias with the 50th anniversary of the Repulsion film by Roman Polanski as a backdrop.
August 31

New 20 Seconds Horror Video Contest

New 20 Seconds Horror Video Contest
The first edition of the 20 Seconds Horror Video Contest is launched. It started limited to Twitter and was expanded to other social networks in later editions.
November 4

XXXIII Edition

Edición XXXIII
With the eroticism in the genre as leitmotif, in that 2014 edition the shorts of the official section could be seen at Filmin during the Festival.
June 12

TerrorMolins joins Melies

TerrorMolins entra en los Melies
Molins Horror Film Festival is chosen to be part of the prestigious European Fantastic Film Festivals Federation.
October 29

XXXII Edition

Edición XXXII
Edition with the censorship as leitmotif in which we could finally screen A Serbian Film. We also had the European premiere of "2/11 Dí­a De Los Muertos" as well as the presence of its director Ezzio Massa.
October 30

XXXI Edition

Edición XXXI
Edition dedicated to the origins of terror that also featured the exhibition "ExpoTAC: Cases encantades".
February 10

Recull de relats

Recull de relats
The book "Recull de relats. Festival de cine de terror de Molins de Rei (2004-2011)" is published with a compilation of the short stories and winning and finalist micro stories in Catalan and Spanish of our Short Stories Contest organized with Biblioteca Pau Vila.
November 1

XXX Edition

Edición XXX
We begin our Feature Film Competition which starts with 7 titles that first year.
November 6

”A Serbian Film” suspended

Suspensión de "A Serbian Film"
The Festival replaced "A Serbian Film" for "Martyrs" at the 12 Hours Marathon when it's projection in San Sebastian is suspended by a court.
November 4

XXIX Edition

Edición XXIX
In an edition with "road movies" as leitmotif we received the visit of actress Deborah Karah Unger along with an audience of 1.350 assistants.
June 6

TAC is created

Creación del TAC
Molins Film Festival becomes a founding member of Terror Arreu de Catalunya (TAC), an association of Catalan film festivals dedicated to the horror genre.
November 8

XXVIII Edition

Edición XXVIII
In that edition we had as a guest the original Jason Vorhees, the actor Ari Lehman, who also offered us a concert.
November 6

XXVII Edition

Edición XXVII
The Festival moves from Juventud Católica to Teatro de La Peni.
September 25

Original Fictions Exhibition

Exposición Ficciones Originales
Linked to the Festival, the exhibition Original Fictions in collaboration with DDT Efectes Especials is held.
November 8

XXVI Edition

Edición XXVI
The 2007 edition includes an exhibition of acrylics by Agustín Berenger, Expoterror.
November 7

1st Horror Short Stories Contest

1er Concurso de microrelatos de terror
In 2007 the first edition of the Short Horror Stories Contest is held in collaboration with Molins de Rei Townhall, Pau Vila library and Miasma magazine.
November 2

XXV Edition

Edición XXV
In the 25th edition we organized an exhibition of the Festival's posters and screenings took place at La Sala Gòtica and at Biblioteca Pau Vila.
November 4

XIV Edition

Edición XIV
Official Festival Poster contest and debut of the webpage.
December 11

Jess Franco at TerrorMolins 2004

Jess Franco al TerrorMolins 2004
Jess Franco and Karra Elejalde visit our Festival.
December 10

XXIII Edition

Edición XXIII
We have the Spanish premiere of The Drowning Host and Dead Birds.
November 23

XXII Edition

Edición XXII
In the 2003 poster the future logo of the Festival takes shape, also a collaboration with Siltges Film Festival iniciates.
July 7

30 years of Molins Film Festival

30 años de TerrorMolins
30th anniversary of the foundation of the Molins Horror Film Festival.
October 19

IXX Edition

Edición IX
Short films exhibition and the 12 Hours Horror Marathon get together in a weekend with a new format in Molins de Rei.
October 27

XVIII Edition 12 Hours Horror Marathon

Edición XVIII
In 2001 the 12 Hours move to October, abandoning summer forever since.
October 26

XVIII Edition 1st Short Film Exhibition

Edición XVIII 1a Muestra de cortometrajes
In 2001 the 12 Hours celebrate their 1st Short Film Exhibition.
July 1

XVII Edition

Edición XVII
After a three years pause the 12 Hours return under the name of Molins de Rei 12 Hours Fantastic and Horror Marathon.
July 1

XVI Edition

Edición XVI
The performance for the 1989 12 Hours Horror Marathon were unforgettable.
July 2

XV Edition

Edición XV
Hellraiser was one of the films at the 1988 Molins de Rei 12 Hours Horror Marathon.
July 10

XIV Edition

Edición XIV
That year we offered around 7am a breakfast of "sangonada" in a edition of the 12 Hours that extended its duration until nex day's noon.
July 5

XIII Edition

Edición XIII
In 1986 we screened films like A nightmare on en Elm Street, Fright Night or Re-animator.
July 6

XII Edition

Edición XII
In that edition the 12 Hours have to overcome a similar cinema event celebrated few days before.
July 30

XI Edition

Edición XI
Edition with projections at the Cine Club, at Foment and also at the Cine Joventut.
January 2

The 12 Hours go private

The 12 Hours go private
DerkoFilms takes over the 12 Hours Horror Marathon.
July 8

X Edition

Edición X
The year of the controversial obituary used to promote the Festival.
July 3

IX Edition

Edición IX
Full ticket for 1982 Molins 12 Hours Horror Marathon.
July 4

VIII Edition

Edición VIII
That year the 12 Hours Marathon was held not only at Cine Joventut but also at Sala Versalles.
July 5

Edition VII

Edition VII
That 1980 edition of the Molins Horror Film Festival was held the 5th of July at 10 p.m. at Cine Joventut and the tickets could be bought at Estanco Margarit.
June 30

VI Edition

Edición VI
Ticket for Molins 12 Hour Horror Marathon 1979. That edition is rememberred for its chainsaw performance.
July 1

Edition V

Edición VI
The 16 hours become what they are today, a 12 Hours Horror Marathon.
July 3

Edition IV

Edición IV
16 Horas de Cine de Terror.
July 7
July 7

First Edition

Primera edición
In 1973 what today we know as TerrorMolins begins with the first 16 Hours Horror Marathon.


The beginning



Back in 1973, the local film club were chewing over the way of getting some extra income that helped them to improve their rock-bottom financial estate. They surprised everybody with a fully breaking idea that, even today, more than forty years later, is still alive and kicking with a big success. The first «Horror Movie Marathon» across the country was being born. In the first two years, it consisted of 16 hours of genre cinema; after the third edition it became the now classical «Molins de Rei 12 Hours of Horror Movies». Since then, the «12 Hores» have turned into the Festival that we know today.

1973, the birth of a notion. The new age of horror.

In 1973 there was a re-birth of the genre of horror in the cinematographic industry, materialized in William Friedkin’s The Exorcist. The great commercial success of the film brought about an intense follow-up of devilish sequels and sub-products. It was the start of a new dimension of cinema full of sensationalism within the horror genre which showed up in an unstoppable increase of the sadistic boast and a decay of the old ellipsis that the old censorship codes had imposed, which were ruled out in order to protect the competition of cinema against television. Dare I say that Polanski was the last one who, in 1968, within that generic new language, used the classic idea of suggesting rather than showing the devilish baby-child at the end of Rose Mary’s Baby. The brilliant Polanski knew that the imagination of the audience can be more disturbing than raw reality. At this point, as an exercise of cinematographic expertise, we can compare Polanski’s non-present devilish baby-child with the purulent and extensively shown protagonist girl exhibited by Friedkin in The Exorcist to measure the new horror cinema that started to crowd the screens at the beginning of a golden era, the 70’s.

Joan Domènech, 28-06-2007, Molins de Rei.
President of Cine Club Hal 2002

Source: AVED Produccions web page.