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Volunteers answer FAQs about volunteering at terrorMolins:

Why are volunteers necessary in terrorMolins?

Not only terrorMolins; all relevant cinema Festivals need the contribution of volunteers. We are essential for a Festival’s sucessful progress.

The organisation keeps in mind the schedule for a perfect performance; however, in order to reach excellence, they need a good team of volunteers who actively collaborate in the Festival’s everyday life.

What is the volunteers’ contribution?

Volunteers can do a number of activities. Perhaps the most frequent task is “Room Access Control”. That is to say, we grant that everybody in the audience have the right tickets or personal identifications provided by the organisation.

Volunteers attend and carry out an admission and attendance task. If necessary, we address the audience to the persons in charge to solve any eventualities.

Our labour can be connected with the merchandising of the Festival, too. In other words, we administer and manage the sale of terrorMolins related products.

Moreover, depending on the number of people attending the event in particular moments, volunteers can give a hand to the restaurant service of the Festival in taking or assisting in taking and delivering restaurant orders.

Of course, there is life beyond the Festival’s everyday life, but this is up to you. The organisation takes into account your abilities and suggestions, so you may be able to choose your preference field of interests and expertise such as communication, design, etc.

There is always something to do at terrorMolins, therefore your disposition to work and learn is essential.
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In which terms and conditions are you going to be at terrorMolins?

As it happens in every voluntary work, you are not going to earn any money. However, you can benefit from a number of advantages.

terrorMolins gives you the official Festival T-Shirt as well as an ID that identifies you as a volunteer and gives you free access to the restricted staff spaces.

Moreover, you won’t have to care about food. The organisation will give you a token granting one sandwich and one drink for each day of your Festival assistance days.

Morevore, the Festival will cover your transport expenses if you if you need it on your duty days.


How are volunteers treated?

Of course, we volunteers are a relevant part of terrorMolins, that’s why we are treated wonderfully. The organisation and staff give us all possible services and attentions and, of course, care about us throughout the whole Festival.

Volunteer’s personal availability is central to us, this means that we have absolute flexibility and respect when schedules are set. You choose your own availability and the time frames that best suit you. So, each volunteers’ convenience and suitability with the rest of their everyday activities are essential for terrorMolins.

We also care that you never feel alone in your tasks. There will always someone next to you to share your work. This way your day will also be fun and fine.

Of course, during your free time, you will have free access to the cinema theatre to enjoy the screening at no cost. You just must let the staff know.

Additionally, beyond the advantages that we offer volunteers for their collaboration, you will have free access to the opening and closing parties and events scheduled by the organisation.

What is the volunteer’s feedback so far?

The terrorMolins volunteers family is getting bigger every year. The excellent relationship between the volunteers and the organisation so far results in an almost perfect feedback. That is to say, most volunteers have been with us for several years.

Therefore, “rookies” quickly become full right members of the team and finish the terrorMolins edition wishing to be there in the next year.

This grants a good amount of volunteers that help the Festival to keep on growing and offering new and terrific events.


Can you be a volunteer?

Of course. Every horror fan can join the volunteer team at terrorMolins. However you must have collaborative and active dispositions. Don’t forget that with your task you contribute to the development of a first class cultural event.

If you want to join terrorMolins you can follow the several social networks of the festival, either Facebook or Twitter or Instagram. This way we’ll be able to let you know when you can enter your volunteer request. Additionally, to solve any question you might have, just send an email to voluntaris@molinsfilmfestival.com or contact us through our social networks accounts.

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A volunteer’s words

We are just like you. Year after year, we have watched loads of the feature films and short-films which were screened through every edition of terrorMolins. We have enjoyed a week packed with emotions, full of cold sweat and horror. We have stayed in our seat all through the short-films session and have fought against sleep all through the most terrific marathon.

We are just like you. When the last film of the Festival is over, we start a count down of the days we’ve got left until the next edition. We eagerly wait for all the news slowly issued by the Festival. We expect the next edition to be as good or better than the last one.

But we’ve been infected by a highly contagious virus that, year after year, spreads with each new edition of terrorMolins. A virus that doesn’t let us just «see» the Festival. We want to «make» terrorMolins. We want to be part or one of the most terrific events. We want to be the reason why the Festival doesn’t stop growing up and has had more than 30 editions. We are infected and nothing is better than that. There’s lots of us who got hooked to become a part of this scary family.

A family of volunteers who, year after year, comes back with the same excitement. A family made of great people where no one is more important than anybody else. A family who every year hosts new members, like one day they hosted me.

Of course! You must work. Of course, work combines with great moments like parties, or the horrific sandwiches we’re offered for dinner! And, of course, although cold joins us along these November evenings, we really enjoy staying with friends having a nice beer.

Volunteering is much more than this. Believe me, we are like you. Reliable people who are always there to give a hand, lovers of the genre of horror. So, how about you? Do you want to be like us? Let me tell you this, if you allow yourself to get infected by the Festival, you will never stop being there. Because there is no cure for this. This is much more than just events, short-films or horror films. This is terrorMolins.

Álex Pérez, Molins Film Festival Volunteer.

17 th, November 2018, Teatre La Peni, Molins de Rei, Catalunya. 37ª Edició, Terror Molins. © Joan Gosa 2018., www.joangosa.com