Molins Horror Games are playful days whose objective is to offer a space for family leisure within the wide program of activities of the Festival. They focus on all those board games whose settings or themes contain some of the countless elements associated with terror and mystery. One of their strengths is that they have the presence of publishers, being themselves those who explain their games to attendees.

Started in 2017, we are really happy with the response it has had every year. On the one hand, because of the increase in people who have visited us and, on the other, because of the unconditional support of so many publishers who have wanted to participate. One of the reasons for our success is undoubtedly due to the volunteers and demonstrators who collaborate in the development of the conference. The role-playing club and board games Molins de Rol are the soul of the event. They have prepared the games and have dedicated the whole day to be able to offer a day dedicated to board games with a theme of terror and mystery.

Board games bring together a group of people to collaborate or compete with the intention of achieving goals that will lead them to victory. Our main goal is to bring together more and more people who want to discover a different way to sit at a table. We have managed to create an event that has generated synergies and collaborations with different educational and audiovisual fields. There is still much to do. But our intention is to continue to grow and show that board games are a unique tool for growth and challenge, education and fun.

We invite you to enjoy our board games for the whole family, for the most demanding ones or for those looking for new playful experiences. See you at the tables!

''Jugar sin miedo, jugar sin cesar''

The history of board games into to periods : up to the 20th century and contemporary games. Until Monopoly, games were usually two-player, strategic and abstract, although in a chess game two medieval armies face each other, with the infatry on the front, the cavalry and artillery last and the king heavily protected. Now, not only do we have the largest offer we have ever been able to enjoy, but games tell stories, like in literature or cinema, in games there is narration, not just succesful mechanics. It could be said that there has always been a narration in a game, but unlike now, where players were the protagonists.

To be more specific, games can be divided into three periods: 5000 BC-1840, the year chromolithograpy appeared; 1840-1960, the year Sid Sackson, dean of contemporary games, started to publish games; and right now. In the long century of the second period, the great change was that games went from being played only by nobles and rich people to be a part of the daily life of the new middle class, thanks to the welfare society that would be implemented in the 20th century and thanks to new technologies that allowed everyone to have a fight or a game of The Goose.

To explain it in a simple way that we are in the best moment in history in for board games, we need only say that contemporary games are, for their themes and mechanics, infinitely superior to classic games. Intinitely? Yes, without any doubt. And not because the long tradition of games is mean feat, but because the great ideas of always (those that make chess, checkers, Go, mancala, backgammon, bridge, parcheesi, dominoes, Scrabble… and up to fifteen more immortal) have increased and now we have more than fifty: majority games, cooperative games, worker placement, push your luck, auctions, deduction, area control, card drafting, set collection, wargames, role-playing games, modular board, different victory conditions, variable powers, simultaneous play, real-time play, secret objective, party games, tile placement, programming, card driven… to mention just a few of the rich mechanics found in games since 1960.

As for the themes of the games, the narrative could not be otherwise: now, any part of life or fiction can be turned into a game, from politics to war, from humor to talking for the sake of talking, from economic management to ancient civilizations, from rail transport to pirates, from science fiction to zombies.

In the happy crossover between new mechanics and new themes, the “Molins Horror Games”, a festival within the Molins de Rei Horror Film Festival, make all the sense. Go, you will find yourselves fighting together against the primordial ones (to Arkham Horror, by Richard Launius and Kevin Wilson or to the call of Cthulhu, by Sandy Petersen) or against a mountain of zombies (to Zombicide, by Raphaël Guiton, Jean-Baptiste Lullien and Nicolas Raoult). Speaking of zombies, don’t miss the addictive Zombie Dice, by Steve Jackson or Zombies!!!, by Todd and Kerry Breitenstein. More possibilities: fight alone, in extreme conditions, against evil in various forms, in Claustrophobia, by Croc, in Doom, by Christian Petersen and Kevin Wilson, or in Full Moon, by Servando Carballar; play a werewolf in the fun The Werewolves of Vallnegra, by Philippe des Pallières and Hervé Marly; become a lovable vampire in one of the best role-playing games, Vampire: The Masquerade, by Mark Rein-Hayan; go find Dracula and you yourself will know what you have to do, in Dracula’s Fury, by Stephen Hand and Kevin Wilson; try to escape from a dungeon full of monsters, in Dungeon Twister, by Christophe Boelinger or in Gloomhaven, by Isaac Childres… Fortunately, the options are endless.

Long live horror, long live Molins Horror Games!

Oriol Comas y Coma
Director of Dau Barcelona festival del joc
July 2019


Recreational days of board games

The board games day is held on Sunday on November 7 from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. on the ground floor of the El Molí building (next to the Library; Paseo del Embankment, corner with Calle del Molí).

As every year we will have board games related to mystery, terror and this year the invited theme will be Conflicts. The idea of the conference has always been that it be a meeting point for people who do not know this hobby and who are curious to try it but also for those who are already experts and are interested in learning about new games and at the same time new covers of Essen, the international board game fair that takes place in October.

We will have table games for boys and girls and also for adults and children. So we encourage you to try a different way of leisure that is very fun and has a strong social and pedagogical component.

Come and enjoy board games with your friends and your family. See you at the tables.

Publishers present and represented

This year we are visited by the publishing house Synergic Games with the prototype of “Harakiri: Blades of honor”, GDM, 2 tomatoes, Bumble3eeand all its news. Also the publisher Tempo Games with their “Runaljod: the sound of the runes”, Do It , Games4gamers, DMZ with “ADELE” and the author of the board game, the designer Lluís Collelldemont. With the presence of the designer David Velasco with all his “Annunnaki” collection. We will also have games of Maldito Games, Mas que Oca, Devir, Melmac Games, Mercurio, Asmodee, Zombie Paella, TCG editorial, Dracoideas editorial, Token Synapse, Arrakis, Gen X editorial, Tranjis games and Looping games.

The board games club of Molins de Rei,Jugones MDR,collaborates with the TerrorMolins and will help in the explanations of all the games that can be learned and enjoyed throughout the day.

Tienda Júpiter Juegos

Throughout the day we will have the board game store of Júpiter Juegos Barcelona, where you can buy all their games present in Molins Horror Games, as well as others from the publisher.