Melies International Festivals Federation

In 1983, five fantastic film festivals joined forces and founded the European Fantastic Film Festivals Federation, with the aim of promoting European fantastic cinema throughout the world. Renamed in 2019 as the Méliès International Festivals Federation, it now has 26 members from 20 countries, reaching a global audience of more than 800,000 people each year.

Its mission is to promote European fantastic film productions throughout Europe and the world, by enhancing their visibitily and their standing both among the public and within the industry, and encouraging their circulation. The Federation works to fulfill this mission through our festival network in Europe, its supporting members in Asia, North and South America and the Middle East.

Festivals are the main platform for disseminating genre cinema in their respective regions. They all work closely together within the Federation network and embody both diversity and individual artistic identity through a wide range of programming.

The Méliès d’Or and Méliès d’Argent awards are given each year to the best European fantasy film and short film. With the Méliès competition, the Federation supports the creative wealth and diversity of filmmakers from across Europe. The winners are visibilized at all Federation events, thus promoting their circulation throughout the world.

Since 2014, the Molins de Rei Horror Film Festival has awarded a Méliès d’Argent to the best European fantasy short film, as well as a Méliès d’Or nomination for the best European fantasy short film.

Since 2018, the Federation presents a Career Méliès for outstanding contributions to European fantastic cinema.

26 festivals
19 countries represented
1.800 genre films screened annually
800.000 audience
27 annual Méliès d’Argent Awards (feature film and short film)
1 annual Méliès d’Or award (feature film and short film)

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Catalunya Film Festivals

Catalunya Film Festivals is the association of Catalan film festivals and exhibitions that defends and manages the great cultural value that these represent for the audiovisual sector, for culture and for society, contributing to its growth and local, national and international projection.

It understands film festivals as a key part of the Catalan film sector; a platform for the diffusion of unpublished, plural and diverse cinema and a generator of reflection and collective experiences.

Created in 2005, Catalunya Film Festivals is a brand created by the Coordinadora de Festivales y Muestras de Cine y Vídeo de Catalunya, with the main objective of uniting Catalan film festivals and exhibitions and providing them with communication, financing and organization tools.

Since then, it has worked under parameters of quality, excellence and social commitment to cover them and bring them closer to the public through common projects. Its driving force is to care for and show the diversity of festivals and shows in the Catalan territory, giving value to the cultural wealth of the sector: all of Catalonia, all audiences, all genres and themes, all year round.

Catalunya Film Festivals groups the member festivals and shows under a common territorial denominator, and defines the activity, facilitating identification by the public, institutions and the media. The member festivals are governed by a Code of Ethics of good practices and professionalism towards both creators and the public.

48 festivals and exhibitions
1.500 professionals
570.000 audience
200 screening spaces
100 localities of Catalonia

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TAC – Terror Arreu de Catalunya

Terror Arreu de Catalunya (TAC) is an association of Catalan film festivals dedicated to the horror genre.

It mostly wants to dignify the horror genre, but it is also open to other expressions (theater, literature…) with horror, gore or fantasy theme, and to promote a better diffusion of the members’ festivals. Every year the association gives the “TAC Award” to the Best Catalan Short Film, to stimulate Catalan creators and create meeting points and the exchange of ideas and contacts.

It was founded in June 2010 by the festivals Cardoterror (Cardedeu), Cryptshow(Badalona), FesTerror (Lloret de Mar) and TerrorMolins (Molins de Rei).

TAC currently integrates the following festivals:

Cardoterror – Festival de Cinema de Terror de Cardedeu
Cryptshow Festival, apologia gènere fantàstic i de terror (Badalona)
TerrorMolins – Festival de Cine de Terror de Molins De Rei
Fantosfreak – Festival Internacional de Curmetratges Fantàstics i Freaks de Cerdanyola del Vallès
Festival de Cine de Terror de Sabadell
InFest – Festival internacional de curtmetratges de terror, fantàstic i freak de Rubí
B-Retina – Festival de Cinema Sèrie B de Cornellà
Sant Cugat Fantàstic – Festival Internacional de Cinema Fantàstic i de Terror de Sant Cugat
Fangofest – Festival internacional de cine Fantástico, Terror y Gore de Amposta
Bai De Fest – Festival de cortos Fantásticos y Terror del Alt Empordà (Roses)
Acocollona’t! – Festival Internacional de Cine Fantástico y de Terror de Girona
Fant Boi – Festival de Cine Fantástico de Sant Boi de Llobregat
Galacticat – Festival de Cinema Fantàstic I Terror de Ponent a Tàrrega
Fantàstik Granollers – Festival de Cinema Fantàstic i de Terror de Granollers

Festivals friends of the TAC, which help to spread the Catalan production genre, are El Monstruito (Bilbao), Fascurt (El Masnou), and Mostra Mabuse (Barcelona).

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Biblioteca el Molí

Since 2006, TerrorMolins and the Biblioteca el Molí de Molins de Rei have collaborated closely in organizing the Horror Short Story Contest, as well as in carrying out a special program of parallel activities around the festival such as children’s film workshops, talks, presentations of books and others. (webpage)

Ràdio Molins de Rei

Ràdio Molins de Rei is a local radio station with more than 40 years of experience. For more than 10 years, TerrorMolins and Ràdio Molins de Rei have been collaborating in a stable manner with the communication and broadcast of the Festival’s activities and with interviews with the most outstanding guests, as well as with the production of a complete program dedicated to the festival. (webpage)

Blogos de Oro

The Molins de Rei Horror Film Festival has collaborated with the Blogos de Oro Film Awards Association since 2016. From among the online media related to cinema and the series that are part of the Blogos de Oro, a Jury is chosen for each edition of terrorMolins. This jury annually awards a Gold Critics Award both in the Official Feature Film Competition and in the Official Short Film Competition of the Festival. (webpage)

The Marcs

The Marcs is an annual short film festival in which students from the Escuela Sant Marc de Sarriá, Barcelona, participate with their Synthesis Work projects at the E.S.O. (secondary education). Since 2017, the Molins de Rei Horror Film Festival, in its role of supporting young talent and film training, has been a member of the jury of The Marcs. We also give a Sant Marc Cinema Awards Prize at the annual The Marcs Gala. (webpage)