AULA DE TERROR is a cross-cutting project throughout the Festival that forms the backbone of its educational strategies and activities aimed at promoting knowledge of cinematographic language and genre cinema. It includes proposals adapted both to citizens in general and especially to students of Primary, ESO, Baccalaureate and training cycles.

It is made up of different activities and contents, either in person or online through TerrorMolinsTV and TerrorKids TV. Part of this offer is concentrated during the days of the Festival.

This project is possible thanks to the collaboration and creativity of many entities, groups, institutions and individuals. If it motivates you, do not hesitate to join us or send us your suggestions and ideas to this email.

The educational value of cinema

Cinema has a great educational value at different levels. It is a great transmitter of diversity and teaches us very diverse and plural views and cultures, from anywhere in the world. Through it we experience emotions, face situations and exercise reasoning that is often difficult to find in our day-to-day lives. Thanks to cinema, we learn and reinforce positive values such as love, respect for life, friendship, resilience, equality, etc. And it also confronts us with negative values showing how to stand up to them.

Cinema as a teaching resource

In its great richness, cinema enables many uses as a teaching tool, such as:

  • Academic activities to develop skills such as oral and written expression and critical thinking.
  • Provoke discussion about a topic or problem.
  • Illustrate themes, historical periods, and conflicts.
  • Observe experiences, also those to which you do not have access.
  • Introduce narrative analysis.
  • Catalyze emotions.
  • Facilitate dialogue on cross-cutting issues.
  • Attend to diversity. This includes supporting youth with special needs and newcomers.
  • Promote activities in special classrooms.
  • Promote linguistic sensitivity around national and foreign languages: the original language of the film does not condition that of the work session and vice versa.

In addition, the cinema has a great power of attraction and encourages creativity, which we can take advantage of to generate strategies that increase the interest of the activities that we propose and sharpen the observation of the participants. It is therefore key that the activities are planned carefully and in advance, designing them to contemplate different approach strategies and making a detailed preparation with the participants before viewing the work.

Current lines of action of the project
  • Fostering literary taste and language skills

  • Promotion of knowledge of cinematographic art and the critical gaze

  • Promotion of creativity and audiovisual expression

  • Promotion of knowledge of cultural management applied to the programming of a film festival

  • Alliances with other festivals


Some of these activities and resources are only available during the Festival dates. Consult them in detail to find out when they take place as well as the registration deadlines.