Do you work for the film industry and want to attend the festival for professional reasons?

TerrorMolins industry accreditations are without any fee and they can be requested from September 1 to October 31. After this date, only requests will be evaluated based on availability.

Each accreditation will have a printed QR code that will allow, depending on the type of accreditation, access to industry spaces that could be enabled or withdrawn tickets for specific festival events and screenings, always depending on the availability of seats and respecting the allowed capacity as well as the current covid measures.

These accreditations are aimed at all people in the film industry who visit the festival for professional reasons and they mean for those who receive them to appear in the list of film industry professionals present at the festival. In no case are these accreditations intended for an assistance based exclusively on attending screenings.

Apply for Industry Accreditation

In case you do not have an access user to the web intranet, you will be asked to create one.Each accreditation is personal and non-transferable and it is essential to access the sessions and spaces of the festival
. In case the accreditation regulations are not respected, the festival can withdraw it immediately.

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For any questions or requests, please write