TerrorMolins announce the program of El Foment

The moment has come to announce the feature films programme as well as some further events that we are preparing for our new venue El Foment.

This makes us especially happy, because El Foment is a centenary building which hosted the 12 Hores de Cine de Terror between 1982 and 1990; first sharing programme with La Peni, and in the last two years, it became the only venue of the Festival

Being back in this excellent place allows us to have a number of events in parallel to those at La Peni with which we are betting for very different and unusual contents, focusing in a different kind of audiences, and paying especial attention to the people who live in Molins. What better than the privileged location of El Foment.

Remember that this new theatre will host the Festival next November 6th-11th, including some morning activities.

As a starter a sample of how special the new venue is going to be: we want to tell you that many of the events’ stalls will have a cabaret like distribution. So the audience will be able to enjoy the events with something to drink or eat (as long as the current covid protocols permit it).

On this edition, the retrospective cycle will focus in counter culture and we will have the following titles:

  • Arrebato
  • El bosque del lobo
  • La semana del asesino
  • Bilbao

We will also have theTrue Survivor section. We launched it two years ago at our former venue La Gòtica We will offer here some hard to classify titles, and on this occasion we will have double sessions.

  • Spice Boyz + Dead Till Death
  • Crabs! + Cyst
  • El último tren al Rock n Roll + Keeping Company
  • Operation Luchador + Jacinto

But, feature films are not the only thing, we will also have short films sessions. Straight from the former venue La Gòtica will come the Ç-Trencada session as well as a selection of short films from the festival Chile Horror.

Guestswill also be present, our friends from the podcast Marea Nocturna will broadcast their programme live. Furthermore, professor Sebastiá d’Arbo will introduce the 40-year-old El viaje al más allá.

There will also be some lectures. There will also be some lectures. Two of them will focus in counter culture in connection with a different areas. And Alicia Morote will present an interactive lecture on music soundtracks in horror films.

And we are also planning to offer a literature appetizer on which the latest issues of genre books will be introduced.

Moreover, we will count one more time with the live performance of our Cutreconfriends.

And last but not least, the closing party of El Foment with the sequel of the programmers battleand a karaoke party!