First selections of the Official Section.

As usual, the main feature films section to competition of Molins Film Festival will include the most relevant genre films of the year to explore all the perspectives of horror and offer works dealing with a variety of origins and topics Alberto Vázquez, who got the Goya award with Psiconautas, los niños olvidados, will have his new film in the Official Section after its premiere at Annecy. Uniscorn War, a violent epic bringing a face-to-face war between colourful bears and unicorns in order to decide on the future of the Magic Forest. Speak No Evil, by Danish film-maker Christian Tafdrup, is one of the most controversial and brutal titles of the year. What starts out as a holiday chronicle of two families, becomes a distressing and depraved allegory about cultural differences and clashes in the heart of Europe. From Korea we will have Kim Hong-sun’s Project Wolf Hunting, an adrenaline packed action and horror film set on the high seas, on a boat full of deranged merciless criminals… and something worse too. Winner of the last edition of the Fantasia festival, Karim Ouelhaj’s first work, dirty and distressing Megalomaniac, will be in the Official Section as well It is one of the big sensations of the year, which seeks inspiration from the Mons butcher, a mysterious serial killer who terrified Belgium during the late 90’s, a critical view on patriarchy and its effects on society. Deadstream, by North Americans Joseph and Vanessa Winter, where found footage cinema meets a new approach including comedy, horror, ghosts and YouTubers, bringing forth memories of recent cases like Dashcam, by Rob Savage.

A year in which the Molins Film Festival wants to focus on horror musicals, the presence of films like The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a mandatory element of the programme. Jim Sharman’s cult film, the heart of late party sessions will arrive at the Molins Film Festival with a very special screening including live performances. Definitely, one of the highlights of the event.