Noviembre Fantasma marks its fourth season with more than fifteen new audiovisual offerings

From Tuesday onwards, the platform will be publishing regular content as a taster for the forthcoming editions of Fancine, Isla Calavera, TerrorMolins and the San Sebastian Festival

Noviembre Fantasma, a joint initiative of the San Sebastian Fantasy and Horror Festival, Fancine – Malaga Fantasy Film Festival, TerrorMolins – Molins de Rei Fantasy Film Festival, and Isla Calavera – Canary Islands Fantastic Film Festival City of La Laguna, once again returns this autumn in its fourth season, extending its catalogue of fantasy and horror film-related content. More than fifteen previously unseen audiovisual features make up this year’s offering, to be gradually uploaded to the platform from this Tuesday onwards, with the launch of publications again scheduled for October.

This allows all four festivals to renew their collaborative commitment to this shared programme, providing a taster of the forthcoming editions of each event, as an online supplement to their live screenings and agenda of parallel activities.

As usual, the programme will comprise a varied selection of items presenting content connected with the fantasy genre in the world of film-making. The San Sebastian Horror Festival will be scheduling a talk with the US horror culture expert David J. Skal, as well as a meeting with the actresses Lone Fleming and Marian Salgado. For its part, TerrorMolins will also be adding the audience discussions to be held by the veteran director Mar Targarona (The Cuckoo’s Curse) and Caye Casas (La mesita del comedor), along with a masterclass on the role of witches in horror film, courtesy of the film and genre expert Mireia Iniesta, and a talk on “horror comics” featuring the prolific illustrator and filmmaker Borja Crespo.

Fanzines will be making their contribution through four videos, including an interview with film critic Carlos Aguilar, in which he will be talking about his latest book, Cine de terror 1950-1959. De entre los muertos, and an address by José Fernández de Vega, director of Buñuel in the Labyrinth of the Turtles, explaining the process of adapting the work. The Malaga festival will add a musical touch to the collection, with a concert by heavy metal group Santo Rostro.

Three more videos come courtesy of Isla Calavera – Canary Islands Fantastic Film Festival City of La Laguna: actor Eduardo Noriega will once again be “opening his eyes” together with the island audience after the screening of the Alejandro Amenábar classic; Sam J. Jones returns to the venue in a talk about Flash Gordon, along with an event to mark the 90th anniversary of King Kong courtesy of Jesús Palacios.

All of which will be on display entirely free of charge via the platform

With the inclusion of this new batch of titles, the permanent archive of Noviembre Fantasma videos now amounts to some fifty items, additional content which includes interviews with key figures from the current film-making world, film analyses, meetings with the audience and other educational offerings.

Noviembre Fantasma was set up in 2020 as a result of the restrictions imposed by the health crisis, creating a collaborative network among some of the leading horror and fantasy festivals in the country, which have shared objectives and the same style and philosophy. This is intended as a long-term project, with the aim of serving up distinctive material all year round, while also coordinating efforts to build up a grassroots interest in fantasy films and other related genres.

The platform furthermore encourages people to attend each of the events in person, supporting fandom nationwide and fostering participation and reciprocity. After four years in operation, Noviembre Fantasma has now consolidated its position as a meeting point for fantasy film enthusiasts from the different venues, as a virtual bridge between the twinned festivals, allowing them to link up despite the distance that separates them.

  • 34th San Sebastian Fantasy and Horror Film Festival, from 27 October to 3 November.
  • 42nd TerrorMolins – Molins de Rei Horror Film Festival, from 3 to 12 November.
  • 33rd Fancine – Malaga Fantasy Film Festival from 8 to 16 November.
  • 7th Isla Calavera – Canary Islands Fantastic Film Festival City of La Laguna, from 10 to 19 November.