The 3rd Co-production Forum Argentina-Spain, organised by APIMA, PAC and TerrorMolins, offers a Ventana Sur award

The industry section of TerrorMolins will host, for the third year, the Co-production Forum with more than one hundred guest companies.

Thel 3rd Co-production Forum Argentina-Spain, organised by the associations of independent production companies APIMA (Argentina) and PAC (Spain)and the Festival TerrorMolins, have signed an agreement with the prestigious film market Ventana Sur with which one of the projects nominated will be awarded within the section Blood Window + Fant.Latina. Particularly, their authors will be selected to present the project to the attending producers, either as a finalist project in the next edition or through one-to-one mentoring meetings.

This initiative will take place next November 9th and 15th, 2023 and will include a later period of one-to-one mentoring meetings. It was created with and for independent producers, with the objective of implementing a network where knowledge and experience may be shared, as well as generating co-productions; it will include different activities: an in-person meeting between both producers’ associations within the Festival TerrorMolins; an online presentation with case study of examples of Latin-American co productions; and an online event where ten selected projects, 5 for each association/country, will be presented to the production companies attending.

There will be a total of 92 production companies represented by both associations along with further guest companies, with an estimated participation of around one hundred film companies, mostly from Argentina and Spain along with other Latin-American countries.

Ventana Sur is the most important Latin American film market in the world, organized in Buenos Aires (Argentina) by the Instituto Nacional de Cine y Artes Audiovisuales (INCAA) and the Marché du Film of Cannes Film Festival. Blood Window is your specific promotion platform for Latin American filmmakers specialized in horror and fantasy genre films. Fant.Latina is their programme aimed at giving visibility to the work of Latin-American film-makers.

Last but not least, the association of the Festival TerrorMolins with Ventana Sur includes two further actions within the section Blood Window + Fant.Latina the award TerrorMolins Horror Talent and the mentoring of one of the finalist projects submitted.

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