Horror Short Films terrorMolins Horror Film Festival 2020

One more time, we are setting out our International Horror Sort-film contest within the Terrormolins festival. From today until next August 31st 2019, you can send us your works either through Filmfreeway i Festhome.

Molins Film Festival Horror Feature Film contest 2020

Submissions open for our International Horror Feature Film contest within the Molins Film Festival.

NATURE REVENGE: HUMAN EXTINCTION leitmotiv of terrorMolins2020

Ever since the dawn of the Human race, Nature has always fed us with the fascinating and spectacular phenomena and the impressive beauty of its diversity; however, it is able to fill us with horror too.

20 Seconds Horror Video Contest Confinement Edition

These moments of family home confinement require some Festival’s contribution: we want to help with this unusual situation starting out a special edition of our contest of 20 second horror shor films.

Molins Horror Games 2018
GastroTerror 2018

La Mirada Surrealista, terrorMolins’ new book

Molins de Rei Horror Film Festival is proud to nouncd that very soon we will launch La Mirada Surrealista [The Surrealistic Sight], the new book of terrorMolins.

Winners Molins Film Festival 2019

List of Molins Film Festival 2019 winners in all our categories.

terrorMolins 2019’s beer

We are glad to announce that this year the Molins de Rei Horror Film Festival, terrorMolins, will have its own beer specially brewed by Zulogaarden.