Gènere al Gènere is a cross-festival project that structures its strategies and activities of visibility and analysis in gender perspective, inclusive gaze and promotion of diversity, within the audiovisual sector.

What is Gender Perspective in cinema?

Be aware that there is a strong bias, factual and demonstrable, in terms of film professionals and themes, in the annual audiovisual production, which limits the ability of the seventh art to educate in diversity. There are productions that escape this bias, but remain invisible both by number and by the narrative created by the majority hegemony, which influences the codes of perception and analysis, in a self-perpetuating feedback.

Current lines of action of the project
  • Statistical analysis of the evolution in the reception, programming and awards of films with a gender perspective
  • Promote the registration and selection of films with a gender perspective
  • Audience awareness
  • Analysis of/from/for the film sector
  • Equity in the presence of professionals and artists
  • Diversity in the presence of professionals and artists
  • Continuous training of the team
  • Creation of alliances with entities and activists
Puntos lila en el Festival

A Punto Lila (Purple Point) is a security space for the prevention of harassment, abuse and sexual and sexist assaults in public spaces, as well as advice and action in case any of them occur. Its main functions are therefore: AWARENESS, PREVENTION and ATTENTION.

In 2022, the Festival began its activities related to offering Purple Points to its community during its activities. It consisted of the following actions:

  • Internal staff training: With the collaboration of the Molins de Rei City Council and the Feminism and LGTBI Department, the Festival team received training from the AGI Foundation on the functions of the Purple Points and the importance of becoming purple agents during the Festival.
  • Purple information points: The main halls of the Festival were provided with specific points or areas in each entrance hall with detailed information.
  • Purple point at Karaoke: During one of our most festive events, following the instructions of professional trainers, we had a purple point with specialized agents.

The feedback received after carrying out these actions confirms the correctness of the presence of the purple dots, since the attendees showed us their confidence in the event and the feeling of personal security they felt thanks to its existence. This is an initiative that we want to continue in the future as long as it is necessary.

Links of interest:

  1. Punt lila – Polítiques d’igualtat – Diputació de Barcelona
  2. PUNT LILA MUNICIPAL – Diputació de Barcelona
  3. Violència masclista – Departament d’Interior – Gencat
  4. Fundació AGI – Assistència i Gestió Integral
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positions of responsibility
in fiction


positions of responsibility
in documentary


positions of responsibility
in animation

Direction 19% – Sound 19% – Direction of photography 15% – Musical composition 11%
Production 32% – Editing 26% – Script writing 26% – Special effects 26%
Production direction 59% – Art direction 55%
Makeup and hairdressing 74%
Costume Design 88%

Source: Mujer y redes sociales, EUNSA. 2022. Data: CIMA (2020)