Who is this accreditation for?

TerrorMolins industry accreditations are aimed exclusively at people from the film industry who visit the festival for professional reasons. They are not aimed for assistance based exclusively on attending screenings.

The Festival will review all applications to ensure that this premise is always met. If accepted, depending on the date of the request, the accreditation has a regular cost of €15 (September 1 to October 20) and a last minute cost of €20 (October 21 to November 6). ​

Apply for Industry Accreditation

If you do not have a user to access the web intranet, you will be asked to create one.

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For any questions or requests, please write to industria@molinsfilmfestival.com

What does the accreditation include?

Access as audience
to its activities

Access to activities
and industry spaces *

Be included in the list
of professional assistants

Access to events and
festival screenings**

* SomeIndustry activities may require prior mandatory registration for capacity control, free for all accredited persons, as is the case of the Jornadas Profesionales. Some industry activities may only be accessible through invitation or project participation.

** Depending on capacity and availability. Every event and projection of the festival intended for the public will have a limited number of seats reserved for people with industry accreditation, which can be withdrawn while stocks last through the web application thanks to a personal code. In addition, five minutes before the start of each event and screening, if there is still space available, accreditation can be presented at the box office to obtain a ticket.


The accreditation period will begin on September.

The “last minute” option for Industry Accreditation may mean that the physical accreditation card is less personalized.

The Festival will try to decide whether or not to grant accreditation as soon as possible, within its human and material possibilities.

The accreditation is personal and non-transferable. Any fraudulent use of the accreditation will lead to its immediate withdrawal without any compensation.

The Festival will do everything possible so that the accreditation gives access to the maximum possible events, spaces and projections, as long as it does not harm the experience of the attending public and depending on the availability of seats, permitted capacity and current sanitary measures.

Industry Meeting Point

Where: Pati de La Peni
Who: only people with a badge

We propose this outdoor space at the La Peni headquarters as a meeting and networking point for the accredited industry. If you have some free time, this is the place where to meet some people.

As it is something relatively new, once you are there, any suggestion will be welcome, for this and future editions.