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Official Section of Feature Films

Marc Martínez Jordán

Marc Martínez Jordán (Calella) graduated in the specialty of direction in ESCAC. His first three short films,”Timothy” “Caradecaballo” y “Tu último día en la Tierra”, have obtained more than 500 selections at festivals around the world and more than 200 awards at festivals such as Sitges Fantàstic Film Festival, Fantasia, Milano film Festival or AFI fest. He has also directed the feature film Framed, which, after an extensive circuit in fantasy and horror film festivals, has been released in countries such as Japan, Germany, Colombia and the United States with Strand Releasing. He has currently co-directed Solución para la tristeza, a short film that will have its world premiere at the prestigious Austin Fantastic Fest.

Joan Millaret

With a degree in Geography and History, Joan Millaret has also studied film criticism at CCECS and the Institute of Humanities of the CCCB in Barcelona. He has studied a doctorate in the Department of Journalism and Audiovisual Communication at UPF and is an associate professor of Audiovisual and Multimedia Criticism at the University of Vic. He has also been a presenter and conductor of film forums in various locations and head of literature and film clubs in different Catalan libraries. He is currently a film critic, columnist and correspondent at national and international film festivals for different media and is one of the members of the Catalan Association of Film Critics and Writers and the International Federation of Film Press (FIPRESCI). He has been a member of international critical juries at the Valladolid, Gijón, Toulouse and Sitges film festivals.

Diana Rojo

Screenwriter with origins in montage and guerilla short film. She is co-creator and screenwriter of the #Luimelia series, and has been a screenwriter for five years on Amar es para siempre, which she has also coordinated. Many people think that this production has nothing to do with horror movies, but it is because they ignore that the plague of Dawn of the Dead has its origin in the rhythm of work of this type of fiction. She is also the scriptwriter of the second season of El Ministerio del tiempo, of the TV-Program Los Viernes al Show and the author of the viral parody of the ad for the lottery in reverse, Dimitri, a story of revenge. The last short films in which he has participated as a script have been Blondi, el perro de Hitler and Campeón, by Hugo de la Riva. He refuses to watch scary movies for fear of having a heart attack, but his will is much more fragile than his heart.

David Pareja

David Pareja, in addition to being an actor and screenwriter, is an all-rounder of humor who perfectly handles the different formats that social networks provide today. His latest feature film “Amigo” has been awarded in many festivals, winning awards for best film, best screenplay and best actor, for his performance as the lead in this film. We can also see him as a collaborator inMatar a Dios, Miamor Perdido, Todos Tus Secretos, El Mundo es vuestro, or series like Vamos Juan, Capítulo 0, Justo Antes de Cristo or los Favoritos de Midas.

Mireia Noguera

Mireia Noguera is the director and screenwriter of the national and international award-winning short films “Centrifugado” (2017) and “Never left you alone” (2019). This second, starring Nora Navas, was premiered in the Official Section of the Sitges Fantastic Film Festival 2019 and won the “Méliès de Plata” award for Best European Short Film at the Molins de Rei Horror Festival, an award that makes it directly in finalist of the Méliès de Oro this year 2021. He has also written and directed the series “Comando Squad – Reset” 3rd season, produced by YouPlanet, Flooxer and Atresmedia and the series “La Treintena” produced by the American giant Legendary Global in collaboration with Espotlight, available in the Filmin platform catalog. Currently, represented by the AlterEgo agency in Spain, she is developing the script for the feature film “Monster” for NightWheel Pictures and writing her first feature film.

Being Different Section

Cristian Ponce

Cristian Ponce is a graduate and professor in Audiovisual Production. He lives in the city of La Plata, Argentina, where in 2008 he founded with other colleagues the production company “Tangram Cine”, within which he wrote and directed web series such as “Un Año sin Televisión”, “Policompañeros Motorizados”, and “La Obra de mi Vida”; short films such as “Ripio, Camionero y Detective” and “Breve Historia en el Planeta”; and feature films such as “En Busca del Muñeco Perdido”. In 2017 he released his first animated project, “La Frecuencia Kirlian”, the result of a development of almost 10 years. In 2019 “La Frecuencia Kirlian” was re-released as exclusive content on the Netflix platform. In 2020, “Historia de lo Oculto”, his first feature film as a director, premiered at various festivals around the world, reaping great critical and public success.

Teagan Johnston

Formerly known as Little Coyote, Teagan Johnston, is a singer-songwriter who drives the genre beyond its current borders, bringing a radical rawness to her work that hits you in your heart. Born in the Yukon, raised between South Africa, Spain, Switzerland and the West Coast of Canada, Teagan brings a vast & ever layered perspective to her work. A seasoned and experienced live performer, at home playing solo or backed by a band, Teagan has toured North America and Europe, including performing a special set at David Lynch’s prestigious private Paris nightclub Silencio. In 2019 Teagan played her breakout acting role as Catherine in a Canadian Indie Horror movie The Strings as well as composing original music for the film. Outlets such as The A.V. Club , Bloody Disgusting and more have called Johnston’s performance and music in the film “commanding” and “magnetic.”

Juan Diego Escobar Alzate

Juan Diego Escobar Alzate is a Colombian director and screenwriter known mainly for his feature film “Luz” or “Luz: The Flower of Evil” with World Premiere in the Official Competition Section of SITGES and distributed by SHUDDER and Raven Banner, among others. having participated in the Glasgow Film Festival, Night Visions in Finland, Hard: Line in Germany, CineQuest in the United States and having won the Mórbido, Horrible Imaginings, Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre, Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival festivals, among others. His second film, “El arcoíris negro”, an official selection in the BIFAN, SITGES, Blood Window and BIFFF markets, is in development.

Bloody Madness Section

Andréa Winter

Studied composing and singing at the prestigious Rytmus Music School in Stockholm. After touring the Stockholm nightclubs with her band “Tigon”, she was discovered as a Fashion model and worked In Paris, Milan, London and New York. In New York City, Andréa studied acting and screenwriting at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute. After gradiuating, Andréa moved to Los Angeles where she created her Alter-Ego-Pop-Diva BABY YAGA and made her first feature film BLOOD PARADISE (Producer & Screenplay & Lead). The film premiered at the Film Society of Lincoln Center in New York and immediately received a US, Canada & International Distribution Deal for July 2019 (Gravitas Ventures & Artsploitation). The film was nominated for “Best Director”, “Best Film” and “Best Screenplay” at the “Molins Film Festival” and ended up on the “TOP TEN INDIE HORROR FEATURE FILMS 2019 List” after screening at Cinequest. Andréa has just sold a television-script for the television series “Schwarze Sonne” in Germany and is currently working on her next feature film that she will co-direct with Patrick von Barkenberg.

Timo Vuorensola

Timo Vuorensola (born 1979) is a film director from Finland. His first feature, Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning (2005) was a scifi parody set in a parody universe of Star Trek, which was released on the Internet and soonbecame soon the most viewed film from Finland. After Star Wreck, he started to work on his Iron Sky scifi saga, which turned into three feature films. Iron Sky (2012) was produced with the budget of 10 million USD and was released at Berlin Film Festival for worldwide theatrical distribution. The following sequel, Iron Sky The Coming Race (2019) was produced with higher budget (20 million USD) and was likewise released worldwide theatrically and digitally. The latest installment in the Iron Sky saga is the Chinese spinoff Iron Sky: The Ark, featuring Andy Garcia and Chinese superstar Duan Yihong, and is currently in post production. His latest film, a reboot on the Jeepers Creepers franchise titled Jeepers Creepers: Reborn is a creature horror feature that was produced during 2020-2021 in Louisiana, USA and UK with Orwo Studios, and Jake Seal and Terry Bird producing. The film is currently in post-production, and is coming out in 2021. In addition to directing films, Timo has written several screenplays, directed commercials and music videos and loves metal music.

Celia Pouzet

Cursed at birth by her Hitchcock-obsessed matriarch, Celia Pouzet grew up to be an omnivorous cinephagous. She embarked on her path as a curator for Cinémathèque Française 10 years ago. Her expertise ranges from programming international festivals such as Fantasia, MotelX and Courts Mais Trash and distributing restored classics to consulting for self-produced oddities. In her spare time, Celia enjoys horses, macramé and bleeding.

Videodrome (ONLINE) Section

Niko Verona

Lately we have seen him in the series ‘Sky Rojo’ (Netflix), and in cinema, he premiered ‘Standard’, by Fernando Glez. Gómez, his first feature film as a protagonist, with Susana Abaitua. Likewise, he has participated in ‘Yucatán’, by Daniel Monzón, ‘El hombre de las mil caras’, by A. Rodríguez; or ‘Tini, el gran cambio de Violetta’, by J.P. Buscarini; and in series such as ‘Por H o por B’, ‘Dime quién soy’, ‘Mercado Central’, ‘Ella es mi padre’, ‘El Comisario’ o ‘SMS’. In theater, his most recent performance was in’ Someone He flew over the cuckoo’s nest ‘(2019), where he played a psychiatric patient with stuttering and personality disorder, obtaining very good reviews. He has received several awards at national and international festivals, highlighting his work in the short film’ Downunder ‘, by FG Gómez, or the award for Best Actor at the Notodofilmfest festival in 2018 for ‘Dos vidas’, a short Film by Alberto Collado de Lis.

Marta Salvador Tato

A cultural manager specialized in film festivals with training in art and music, she founded the distribution company Distribution with Glasses after years of working as the main distribution manager for other companies. Especially interested in supporting certain messages, its activity focuses on the search and promotion of new talents, ethical distribution, the commitment to a reduced and sustainable catalog and the proximity with its filmmakers. He has been part of the direction and production teams of some festivals and has been a member of selection committees and juries in others. He periodically goes to educational institutions to talk about the importance of festivals and participates in meetings and round tables on the subject.

Sergio Morcillo

Sergio Morcillo was born on February 6, 1987 in Madrid, Spain. In 2012 he made the short film “Tus gritos me dan risa”. After the tour of the short film, Sergio Morcillo made “Metamorphose” in 2013, which was one of the candidates for the competition for the sequel to “ABC’S OF DEATH 2”. In 2015 he was selected to direct the commemorative advertising spot for the Nocturna festival in Madrid. In 2016 he made “You’re gonna die tonight”. The short film is again produced by “Terror Club” and “Fonofox” and sponsored by filmaker Miguel Ángel Vivas. The short film garnered 65 international selections, including festivals such as Fantasporto in Portugal or our Molins De Rei. In 2017 came what would become what is today, his most famous short film: GOTAS. This short film has a script by Santiago Taboada. To date, he has already garnered more than 130 selections around the world and obtained 28 international awards, including Athens, Canada and Chile. Among his latest works are “La Colleja”, a short film starring such well-known faces as La by Nacho Guerreros, Itziar Castro and Lluvia Rojo or “Abierto en Vena”, video clip of the famous group “Taburete”.

True Survivor Section

Juan Perez

Producer of the International Cutre Film Festival in Madrid, webmaster and producer of Cinecutre.com, regular contributor to Tiempo de Culto Podcast, screenwriter, writer, online content creator, “streamer”, seller of t-shirts with the online store “Merchandising Mal” , event planner… This man from Madrid, graduated from the TAI School in Advanced Film and TV Script, has already known terror since childhood thanks to growing up in Fuenlabrada. For 15 years he has been associated with cinema, entertainment, comedy and comics to a greater or lesser extent and with, at least, mixed results. Now, they put him in the jury of Terror Molins with a big question in mind, what has this people been smoked to call him? It’s time to find out.

Susana Soldado Cáliz

Susana Soldado Cáliz (Badalona, 1977) Journalist. His passion for horror cinema has led him to be part of The Crypts Productions, a group that has organized film sessions in Catalonia since the late 90s and that in 2007 founded Cryptshow Festival, Badalona’s horror and fantasy genre festival. There he is in charge of communication, production and selection of short films. He works at Badalona Comunicación, where he has been able to co-direct the documentary “Lesbos, una illa que espera” selected in different international festivals.

Juan Antonio Barnés

Juan Antonio Barnés, Director and creator of TerrorWeekend.com since 2010. A passionate about terror from a very young age, he decided at Sitges Festival to create this website with specialized content, which he combines with his working life as a software developer.


Official Section for Short Films

Rael Montecucco

Born 1985 in Carrara, Rael Montecucco is a film programmer based in Lerici, Italy. After finishing his studies in cinema and electronic arts at the University of Pisa, he founded in 2012 a film review website (GliSbandati.com) and started collaborating as film critic with cinema magazines. In 2014 he started working for Concorto Film Festival, the international short film festival from Piacenza, as interviewer and writer. In 2017 he became one of Concorto’s film programmers, founding the “Deep Night” section, a festival focus on horror and fantastic cinema. In 2017, Rael started his work at TOHorror Fantastic Film Fest, an international film festival from Turin. As a part of the programme team he is, among others, responsible for the feature competition and part of the selection committee.

Tony Timpone

Tony Timpone served as FANGORIA editor-in-chief from 1987-2010 and helped guide the first three FANGORIA films to production for Sony. He also managed Fango’s numerous VHS, DVD and VOD labels for decades. In 1990, Timpone was a producer on TV’s HORROR HALL OF FAME and in 2004 associate produced Bravo’s 100 SCARIEST MOVIE MOMENTS. For 2018’s AMC documentary series ELI ROTH’S HISTORY OF HORROR, Timpone worked as a writer, researcher and commentator. That same year, he produced Arrow Video’s Rondo-nominated documentary TOO MACABRE: THE MAKING OF ELVIRA MISTRESS OF THE DARK. He has also authored and edited at least half a dozen books on the horror genre. Currently, Tony Timpone continues to serve as Co-director of International Programming to Montreal’s Fantasia Film Festival and writes columns for FANGORIA magazine and Fangoria.com.

María Molins

María Molins studied Dramatic Art at the Barcelona Theater Institute and began her career in the theater where she has participated in numerous and diverse productions. In television he has worked on projects such as the mythical TV3 series El cor de la Ciutat, La que se avecina, La Embajada, Todo por el Juego or Servir y Protejer and has yet to premiere Entrevías for the Netflix platform. In film, he has worked with directors such as Julio Medem in El Árbol de la Sangre, Daniel Calparsoro in Cien años de perdón or Óscar Aibar in El Bosque, for which he won the Gaudí award for best female performance in 2013. In 2021 they have given him the Honor Award for his career at the Castelldefels International Film Festival.

Secció Ç-Trencada

Camila Mailén

Editor and creator in constant learning. It works around identity and the creation and destruction of constructs. Com montadora has worked on experimental projects and pieces for spaces such as the CCCB, as well as on different documentary and fiction projects. Profession that he combines with his production work at Pla d’Acció de Dones Visuals.

Xesco Palacín

Born in Lleida (1985), he trained in text interpretation at the Eolia school, and in Javier Galito-Cava’s Meisner Technique Program. He also has a degree in Sociology from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. In theater he has worked for the Inestable 21 company in Lleida; it has been directed by Àlex Mañas in an adaptation by Roberto Zucco; by Josep Galindo in “Foul Is Fair” an adaptation of MacBeth, also by Carme Portacelli in “El pà de cada dia”; Carles Mallol to “Gent Molesta” represented at the Gaudí Theater; Roger Danés in the play “Polls” performed at the Sala Beckett de Gracia; and Kleber Luiz del Bosque in “Oxigeno”, performed in the Àtic22 room. On television he has appeared in “Cites” and “Benvinguts a la família”, both directed by Paco Caballero. Also with Paco Caballero appears in the movie “Where two fit.” In 2020 he directed the short film “CASA” awarded with the Ç trencada award at the TerrorMolins Festival.

Sonia Badia Martínez

Social educator of studies and profession, graduated in pedagogy and with training in family therapy. A lover of dance as a child, despite the desire to dedicate herself professionally, she left these studies at the age of 18. Later, she temporarily joined the “Enèssim” company and participated as a dancer in the show Una nit d’òpera de La Cubana (2001). Passionate about cinema, the world of short films and rock & roll became part of the Cryptshow, Badalona’s fantasy horror and science fiction festival, in 2008, as a jury for the selection of shorts in competition and programming the youth session.

20 Seconds of Terror Contest

Carme Puche Moré

Carmen Puche-Moré (Barcelona, 1977) is a director and screenwriter. She has worked in journalism and communication for more than fifteen years before dedicating herself to audiovisual productions. Her career as a filmmaker began with “Camille” (Best New Screenplay, Sitges Film Festival 2011) and in the field of fiction has explored the fantasy world, horror and inner monologues in pieces such as “Ferrying Fee” , written by Erin Donovan (The Mentalist), “The Welcome” (selected at more than 20 international festivals) or “The Feathers”, in the distribution phase. In 2014 he premiered the documentary “The Jump!” (AVED Producciones) at the IN-EDIT Film Festival. As a freelance director, she has worked for museums developing visuals, and as a screenwriter she has collaborated with Folch Studio, working on Ada Colau’s campaign. She is currently preparing an audiovisual about motherhood and the city of Barcelona, a film diary for the Barcelona Center for Contemporary Culture (CCCB).

Ylenia Cañadas

Molecular Biologist by profession and cinephile by nature. The years as a volunteer at the Sitges festival have forged her union with cinema, offering her the opportunity to collaborate as a critic and editor for various national media, as well as to cover film festivals or cultural events. She has served as a Young Jury at the Sitges Festival, and as Critic Jury at the BCN Film Festival, TerrorMolins, Sant Cugat Fantàstic, TaShort Fest or Sabadell Film Festival, among others. She has been press officer and programmer for the Sant Boi Fantastic Film Festival (Fantboi) and is currently working on a new and important project. In addition, she acts as director of the section“Mutacions Cinèfiles” of the magazine «El Cinèfil», is a member of the Associació Catalana de la Crítica i l’Escriptura Cinematogràfica (ACCEC) and has a job in a cinema theatre in Barcelona.

Sandra S. Lopera

Sandra S. Lopera (Barcelona, 1981) is a journalist and film critic, with a doctorate in communication sciences from the Ramon Llull University with the thesis Traduciendo la mirada (“Translating the look”). On the editing practices in North American remakes of Japanese horror films. She was director of the cinema section of the Guía del Ocio de Barcelona and has written in media such as Avui newspaper, Go Magazine, enBarcelona, Blisstopic, Tomacine or Scifiworld magazine, as well as collaborating in the radio program La catifa vermella, of Matadepera Ràdio. She is the co-author of the book Dime qué te pasa y te diré qué peli ver (Redbook ediciones) and the book La Naturaleza se Rebela (Hermenaute). She is currently the press officer of Phenomena Experience.


Horror Short Story Contest

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