The feature film programme of the Festival seeks for an open and unprejudiced glance to horror, which explores and widens the limits of the genre. In this context, there are films from all over the planet and, at the same time, it offers a wide scope of styles, narratives and formats that range from pure entertainment to the most discursive cinema, screening rather experimental works along with more visceral and hardcore horror films. Although the biggest part of the selection includes premieres and films never seen in our country, the Festival also pays special attention to its retrospective sections. When possible, it complements screenings with the presence some members of the shooting team.



The core of the Festival. Provocative, enigmatic and reflexive titles ranging from a nervous laugh to a sudden fright. Movies that take the genre to a new level, introducing some of the most important titles of the year.


It focuses on a selection of new values. The Being Different section is rich in new proposals daring the limits of genre. Brave interwoven glances that lead to new ways of understanding horror.


This is the goriest, funniest and most shameless of the Festival. A varied title selection full of blood, guts and black humour that will please the most demanding fans of the genre.


A section born out of the need and concern to make visible all kinds of genre cinema. Those movies that crosses borders (and almost galaxies) and that can be classified as unclassifiable, others as a weirdo, but they all have something in common: that beyond being unique in their kind, they deserve greater recognition.


A section born to adapt to the new times. Videodrome is an exclusive selection that will be found only online. Most of the titles included are premieres never seen in our country which will be available for a limited time thanks to the collaboration of Filmin.


The new proposals of the Festival focuses on documentaries too. A trip to the heart of cinema where we will find the obsessions of legendary filmmakers, the myths that spread over the cities or the secrets lying behind film shootings wich, for some reason, are part of popular culture. Only available on Filmin.


FLASHBACK is focussed in the past. Retrospective sessions provide the opportunity of revisiting, re-viewing or discovering on the big screen old films connected with the leitmotiv of the current edition.