Would you like to be part of TerrorMolins? Do you like films? Horror? And what’s more, do you like having a good time? So, just do it! WE NEED YOU!! we want you to BECOME A VOLUNTEER!

The Festival is growing considerably year after year and, like any film festival of a certain magnitude, there is always needed the figure of the volunteer, because they are essential for everything to work wonderfully. Especially in a festival like this one, where the whole team works collaboratively, not for profit, with the passion and motivation of his unconditional love for cinema.

That is why the organizers work throughout the year so that during the Festival everything works perfectly. However, during the dates of the Festival, extra hands are necessary: Here’s is when the volunteers team becomes essential. Are you joining us on this adventure?

If you do not have a user access to the web intranet, you will be asked to create one. For any questions or requests, please write to voluntaris@molinsfilmfestival.com


We are like you (...)

We are like you. Year after year we have seen the many horror films or short films screened in every edition of terrorMolins. We have enjoyed a week full of emotions, cold sweating and scares. We haven’t left our seat during the short film session and we have fought sleepiness during the most terrifying marathon.

We are like you. Exiting the Festival’s last film, we were already counting the dates before being able to enjoy next year’s edition. We anxiously wait every piece of news, shared in dribs and drabs. We hope that every new editon will be equal, or better than the previous one.

But we have been infected by a very contagious virus that expands year after year with every edition of terrorMolins. A virus that doesn’t only let us go to “see” the Festival. We want to “create” terrorMolins. We want to be a part of the most terrifying of events. We want to be the reason why the Festival doesn’t stop growing and has had more than 30 editions.

We are already infected and there is nothing else we would want. Because many of us have allowed ourselves to be captured to be a part of this terrifying family.

A family of volunteers that, every year, comes back with the same dream. A family formed by great people and a family in which no one is more than the others. A family that every year takes in new members, the same as I was once taken in.

Of course. Indeed, we work. But well, work is combined with great moments like parties, or the terrifying sandwiches we have for dinner! And, of course, the cold that accompanies us in the evenings and nights of November is best spent with friends and a good beer…

Being a volunteer is so much more. As I said, we are like you. Responsible people, always willing to lend a hand and lovers of the horror genre. And you, do you want to be like us? I guarantee you that if you allow yourself to be infected by the Festival, you won’t be able to stop coming. Because this is incurable. This is more than activities, short films and horror films. This is terrorMolins.

Álex Pérez, volunteer at the Festival de Cine de Terror de Molins de Rei.

FAQ (in Spanish)

What are the volunteer's tasks?

The tasks that a volunteer performs are diverse. A recurrent activity is the “theatre control” In other words, we volunteers guarantee that the audience, the press and guests of the Festival can access the cinema theatre with their ticket or credentials provided by the organization.

Volunteers help and accomodate everybody. If necessary, we lead them to the right person to solve any eventuality.

Another task we perform is related to the Festival’s merchandising. That is, we are in charge of preparing and handling terrorMolins-related product sales.

However, there’s life beyond the Festival’s everyday life, but that depends on the person. The Organisation keeps in mind your skills and proposals, so you can also collaborate in a field you are a specialist in, like communications, design…

At terrorMolins there is always something to do, that is why we need you to eagerly come to work and learn.

What does a terrorMolins volunteer get in return?

As with any volunteer work, there isn’t an economic compensation. But if you are thinking that this volunteer thing is a joke, think that none of the members of the organisation get paid for their work at the Festival. In other words, the organisation is also volunteer. But there are a series of avantages, though:

terrorMolins gifts you the official Festival T-shirt and credentials identifying you as a volunteer that allows you to access to spaces reserved to the organisation only. Moreover, the credentials give you access to the screenings and any activities you would want to go when you aren’t working.

And you don’t have to worry about food. The organisation gives you a voucher that you can exchange for a sandwich and a drink for every day of the Festival that you are a part of.

And if you live outside Molins de Rei, the Festival pays for the commuting the days you have to work.

How are the volunteers treated?

We volunteers are a very important part of terrorMolins and that is why we are treated excellently. The organisation provides us with all possible facilities and, of course, thinks about us throughout the Festival.

One of the strongest points in the relations with the volunteers is the total flexibility regarding the work timetable. You choose your availability and the time frames that better integrate into you daily life. Being able to harmonize the volunteer work at terrorMolins with the rest of your everyday activities is very important.

In addition, during the different sessions accomplished at terrorMolins, we make sure that all volunteers are accompanied by others in order to make the workday more interesting and fun.

Naturally, if you have the free time, before or after your work, you can access the cinema theatre to enjoy the session you want free of charge, provided you inform us beforehand.

And beyond all the advantages you can receive in exchange of your collaboration, you have free access to the opening and closing party organized by the organisation.

¿What feedback han given the former volunteers of terrorMolins?

We volunteers are a growing family. The excellent relation that exists between all of the volunteers and the organisation is translated into a nearly perfect feedback. That is, most volunteers come back every year.

That allows the “early” volunteers to rapidly fit in and end the terrorMolins edition eager to follow the group into the next one. Even some members of the organisation began by volunteering and ended up finding a task they can add their capabilities and aptitudes into.

All this allows new incorporations to quickly get integrated and end the edition eager to follow the group into next year’s edition. This way, a great number of volunteers is consolidated and this allows the Festival to keep growing and promoting new and terrifying activities.