The Festival was born in July 1973, when the local cinema club, looking for ways to earn extraordinary income, created the 16 Hours of Horror Films, the first genre film marathon in the state. From the beginning, the reception of the public was notorious, and three years after the first edition it went from 16 hours to the classic 12 hours, in which the Teatre de la Peni already hung the sold-out poster.

From here, and until the year 90, the evolution goes through different phases, with many editions in which it is held simultaneously in 2 or even 3 cinemas. The performances that are staged along the night, which emerged in 1979, reached their maximum splendor in the 80s, with some mythical “punk” performances.

In 1990, the event was suspended indefinitely, with a first attempt of recovery in 1993, which did not repeated in the following years. This is how 2001 comes, when the format is recovered with the intention of expanding it, introducing a previous day of short film screenings. That’s when it became a Festival, whose evolution over the last 20 years has been simply dizzying. With 10 days of screenings and a very clear international vocation, it is currently a point of reference in southern Europe in terms of horror genre films, both for the public and for the industry.

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Documentary 30 EDITIONS (1973-2011)

Documentary feature film made in 2011 by Paco Ruiz, with the collaboration of numerous members and friends -past and present- of the organization. A journey through the facts and anecdotes that made up the first 30 editions of the festival during 38 years of history.