The Festival’s short film selection pays special attention to open mindedness and inclusivity. The diverse sections offer a careful selection of works from a varied origin, including the local movie maker community. They reach a wide scope of styles and formats, combining entertainment with meditation, rage and thrill. The selection mainly pays attention to premiere or unseen works as well as less frequent in the national festival circuit, including big productions and indie or low budget productions, all of which out-stand for their high quality and artistic interest.



This is the competitive section with the biggest tradition of the Festival. Since 2002, it has paid special attention to features like artistic quality, innovation and diversity, without forgetting the genre of horror. It offers an eclectic selection in order to satisfy and widen perspectives. With the strong will of breaking boundaries, this is a reference section with national and international scope which gives the following awards:

        – Jury Prize for the best short film
        – Best Screenplay Award
        – Award for the best FX and/or Makeup
        – “Víctor Israel” Award for the best Interpretation
        – “Manel Gibert” Audience Award
        – “Méliès d’Argent” Award for the best European Short Film


This section was born in 2019 with the aim of providing a new exhibition space for the short film spoken in Catalan or produced in Catalonia and also with the spirit of generating new perspectives on native productions. The works selected compete for the Award to the Best Short Film «Secció Ç-Trencada» as well as the Audience Award. They can also be nominated for the TAC award offered by the Federació d’Entitats Cinèfiles Terror Arreu de Catalunya. The Award for Best Short Film “Secció Ç-Trencada” is endowed with €700 in filming material courtesy of NRD Multimedia.


The section was born in 2020 with a clear and strong will: offer a space to short-films presenting human diversity in all its dimensions. This non-competitive section wants to bring forth a different, unique, or even alternative presence with new perspectives to the genre and, at the same time, go beyond the classic concept of horror.


We offer family and school sections willing to attract young audiences to the Festival:

Terror Kids: short films for children’s session, divided into two blocks, one for the little ones (6-9 years old) and one for those who are beginning to want to be older (9-12 years old). The aim of Terror Kids Section is to awaken a taste for cinema and promote visual culture from a very young age. After 7 editions as a sample, in 2023 it becomes a competitive session that awards the Jury Prize for Best Short Film and the Caca en la Butaca Audience Prize.

Sessió Instituts: screening of the best short films from the previous edition of the Festival aimed at high school students. This exhibition is complemented by educational activities and thematic conferences, as well as the presence of authors.

These sections are organized by the TERROR KIDS commissionand the public library El Molí, the Short Films Commission collaborates in preparing the selection of the works presented.


Dones Visuals

In order to strengthen a more even audiovisual, the Short Film comission is glad to collaborate with DV. This will result in a screening of short films selected by Dones Visuals


Curtcircuit 33

Since 2020, the TV program Curticircuit 33 from the Canal 33 of Televisió de Catalunya has made a monographic programme dedicated to the Terror Molins Horror Film Festival, with a selection of short films that have been present throughout the last few editions of the Festival. This presence has been reinforced with the signature of a partnership agreement between TerrorMolins and the Corporació Catalana de Mitjans Audiovisuals.

A Contracorriente Films

In 2018 the Molins de Rei Horror Film Festival reached an agreement with the production and distribution company, A Contracorriente Films, one of the most important companies within the competitive movie market. This agreement is materialised with the edition in DVD/Blueray of a short film awarded in the Official Section as a complement of a feature film of the company’s catalogue. This way the Festival wants to strengthen the visibility of short films with special high quality editions which appear in the Spanish and Andorran markets the following year after their screening in the Festival.

So far we have seen the next editions:
– POST MORTEM MARY + Ghostland (published in 2019)
– THE THIRD HAND + Little Monsters (published in 2020)
– KILLING SMALL ANIMALS + The Owners (Los propietarios) (published in 2021)
– SWEET MARY WHERE DID YOU GO? + Atrapados en la oscuridad (published in 2022)
– 10-33 + The Price We Pay (published in 2023)