It could be said that the Teatre de la Peni is the official venue of the Festival, as it is not only where it all began around 1973, but it continues being the main venue of the annual event. But, over time, other venues took part in the celebration, both due to organizational changes and the need for an expansion of capacity to accommodate the amount of public eager for a ticket to the mythical marathon, which is increasingly successful. Moving the huge 35mm reels from one cinema to another was an odyssey that took place both on foot and by car, wheelbarrow or motorcycle. And not only that, as adapting the performancesto each space was a challenge worth mentioning.

In the current era, from 2001, the expansion of contents and formats led to the need for a second stable venue. And even a third one. Until in 2020 all the screens in the world disappeared for almost a year, so for the 2021 edition the festival reinvented itself again, celebrating this way its 40 editions.


Years and venues
Year(s) Venue(s)
1973-1980 Teatre La Peni
1981 Teatre La Peni + Cinema Versalles Palace
1982-1988 Teatre La Peni + Teatre El Foment
1989-1990 El Foment
1993 Teatre La Peni + Cinema Versalles Palace
2001-2002 Teatre La Peni
2003 Teatre La Peni + Palau de Requessens
2004-2005 Teatre La Peni
2006 Teatre La Peni + Bar Beretxu + Cal Dit + Sala Gòtica + Biblioteca Pau Vila
2007 Teatre La Peni + Cercle Artístic + Cal Dit + Plaça del Mercat + Biblioteca Pau Vila
2008 Teatre La Peni + Ca n’Ametller + Cal Dit
2009 Teatre La Peni + Local Musical
2010 Teatre La Peni
2011 Teatre La Peni + Ca n’Ametller
2012 Teatre La Peni + Biblioteca Valentí Almirall + Club de Rol Molins de Rei
2013 Teatre La Peni
2014 Teatre La Peni + Ateneu Mulei + Biblioteca Pau Vila
2015 Teatre La Peni + Ateneu Mulei + Biblioteca Pau Vila + La Gòtica
2016 Teatre La Peni
2017-2018 Teatre La Peni + Sala Gòtica + Federació Obrera + Ca n’Ametller
2019 Teatre La Peni + Sala Gòtica + Federació Obrera + Ca n’Ametller + Biblioteca el Molí
2020 Edición Online (Filmin, VImeo OTT, Vimeo, Youtube, Zoom)
2021 Teatre La Peni + Teatre El Foment + Ca n’Ametller + Biblioteca el Molí + TMTV (online)
2022 Teatre La Peni + Teatre El Foment + Ca n’Ametller + Biblioteca el Molí + TMTV (online)



Plaça Mercè Rodoreda, 6, 08750 Molins de Rei
1973-1980 (unique venue) | 1981-1988 | 1993 | 2001-present

The great reference of the festival, the venue where it has lived much of its history and many of its most memorable moments. Thousands of moviegoers have taken their seats, once legendary for (non-existent) ergonomics that made it difficult for people to fall asleep during the classic Terror Marathon. Perhaps now, since their replacement in 2010, they are more comfortable but still cannot contain the strong emotions that are experienced there in each edition.

Its facilities include different rooms that have served the Festival many times as spaces for interviews with invited artists, a press room and a live streaming room with a chroma key background, among other uses. And in its bar, press conferences and presentations of its own and third-party books have been held, all the editions of our original networking event, as well as many award deliberations by our juries.

Best known to the TerrorMolins audicence is its large outdoor patio, a space that the Festival has used both for official and unofficial parties, as well as for concerts and official presentations. Also as a VIP space for meeting and networking, as well as a space for rest and cures for the organizing team. And also, no less important, as a key space for our children’s and family activities, organized within the TerrorKids section.

The Joventut Catòlica building, popularly known as La Peni, with an aesthetic inherited from Modernism, was inaugurated in 1921, in the middle of the noucentist period. The association that manages it, also called La Peni, is a non-profit social entity, with 140 years of history in Molins de Rei, dedicated to the promotion and revitalization of culture in a broad sense. +info


Passeig del Terraplè, 49, 08750 Molins de Rei
1982-1988 | 1989-1990 (single venue) | 1993 | 2021-present days

At different times, El Foment theater, inside a neoclassical building and used as a cinema for many years, has been part of the festival’s history, being for two editions the main and only venue of the festival. Its original system of tilting stalls stands out, which allows its inclination to be adapted to the needs of the show, as well as the pictorial work of Jordi Pedrola on its ceiling.

It is another of the historical spaces of the town of Molins de Rei, managed by Foment Cultural i Artístic, a non-profit organization founded in 1920 with the mission of “giving life to the town of Molins, sharing knowledge and offering fun and entertainment.”. +info


Pl. Catalunya, 25, 08750 Molins de Rei
2008 | 2011-2012 | 2019 | 2021-present

Another classic of the town. A building with tradition where the festival has made presentations and exhibitions. The second are without a doubt the most remembered, with great public attendance, highlighting the one made about the filmmaker Brian de Palma (October 26 to November 25, 2019), made in collaboration with Jordi Batet and his unique private collection, and the impressive “DDT Original Fictions” (September 25 to November 23, 2008), dedicated to the famous Catalan special effects company that won an Oscar for his work in the film Pan’s Labyrinth, among many other works of the highest quality, of which some original pieces of great artistic value were exhibited. In 2011 it hosted the exhibition “30 editions” as well as the official presentation of the Festival, an event that again hosted in 2019 on the occasion of the new exhibition. In 2012 it hosted “ExpoTAC: Enchanted Houses” (October 30 to November 4), a collection of works related to this theme, made by different artists linked to the festivals that make up the TAC association (Terror Arreu de Catalunya). This 2021 hosts the exhibition on the 40 editions of the festival, as well as talks on cinema and counterculture, and the presentation of the associated catalog and fanzine.

Ca n’Ametller, with neoclassical style, is a 17th century building with a plant and two floors that stands out for its magnificent geometric carvings, as well as a large door with a segmental arch framed in stone. It is currently municipally owned. +info


Plaça de l’U d’Octubre de 2017, 2, 08750 Molins de Rei
2019 | 2021- present days

La Biblioteca El Molí is a municipal service for the promotion of reading and knowledge open to all citizens, with the mission of satisfying the needs for information, permanent training and culture in a space of coexistence and social cohesion. It depends on the Molins de Rei City Council and is managed in agreement with the Barcelona Provincial Council. The library was inaugurated in March 2019 and has 2,100 useful m2 divided into four floors. It is located in the old Ferrer i Mora factory, a textile company from the XIX century that had a flour mill that gives its name to the building.

Since 2019 is used for activities related to TerrorKids, Aula de Terror and book presentations and talks. The ground floor of the building are used for the Molins Horror Games since 2019. +info


Plaça Palau de Requesens, s/n, 08750 Molins de Rei

In the new stage of the festival that began in the 21st century, the need came to have a second stable venue where it could hold parallel activities (conferences, board games, special screenings and other playful events) as well as give space for more screenings. In this way, the Sala Gòtica became an essential second venue, until some rehabilitation works planned by the City Council forced the festival to look for an alternative space. In 2003, when it was not yet called Sala Gòtica, it hosted the exhibition “30 years of horror movies in Molins de Rei”.

La Gòtica is one of the dependencies of the old Palau dels Requesens, built in the mid-15th century. It is a rehabilitated space that is part of the municipal facilities for holding institutional and cultural events.+info


Carrer Jacint Verdaguer, 48 08750 Molins de Rei

The new era of the Festival’s Industryl Days, started in 2017 from an event held since 2010, marked the need to have a space to offer workshops, round tables and Pitching events.

La Federació Obrera de Molins de Rei, of modernist style, thus became an ideal place to celebrate them, being an entity marked since its inception in 1915 by its willingness to agree and alliance between equals. +info


Avinguda de Barcelona , 20 08750 Molins de Rei
1981 | 1993

Although it was only for two editions, the Versailles Palace cinema also hosted the 12 hours. It is the last Molins de Rei cinema to date, peculiar due to its size and the fact that it does not have an amphitheater. Also because it is located on the ground floor of Torre Gomá, a stately building built in 1889. Opened on April 20, 1968, it turned off its projectors on June 4, 1995.