July 7 th , 1973…

Exactly 50 years ago, Molins de Rei started out the oldest marathon of horror cinema in Europe.

A completely innovative and transgressive event, especially considering the historical context in which it was born. In the first years, it consisted of 16 hours of non-stop screening of horror films, in hot July on really worn out and uncomfortable
wooden seats.

That was the embryo of what Terrormolins is today, and it was praised by the audience from the very start, and a real romance between Molins de Rei and horror cinema has developed since then. Generations of spectators have enjoyed –and we still do– our beloved marathon.

The gratitude to those who created the first edition is endless and sincere. Thank you so much for your audacity and courage, for your love for cinema, and for leaving us such a wonderful legacy.

Happy birthday. Long live 12 Hours!

Roger Sàbat, 7 de Juliol de 2023
President del Festival de Cine de Terror de Molins de Rei