Short films on FILMIN

The Non-competitive Show: 20th Anniversary presents two continuous sessions or blocks with a selection of shorts that have passed through the Festival.

Half of a lifetime. Short films have been the essence of the Festival for the last twenty editions out of forty years of history. A bunch of short films, from among the thousands that we have received, have left a deep imprint in the audience and the organisation. They confirm our existence as well as our insistence, and although not the whole bunch can be present, the handful that we show really belong to it. They just make a small sample. A small one, indeed, but intense.

Juegos de niños de Paco Ruiz. Spain

Tuck me in de Ignacio Rodó. Spain

Tight de Sergi Vizcaino. Spain

The Quiet de Kike Mesa. Spain

Centrifugado de Mireia Noguera. Spain

Violeta, la pescadora del mar negro de Marc Riba, Anna Solanas. Spain

9 pasos de Marisa Crespo, Moisés Romera. Spain

Brutal Relax de Adrián Cardona, Rafa Dengrá, David Muñoz. Spain

Picnic de Yayo Herrero. Spain

Post Mortem Mary de Joshua Long. Australia

The Globus Section presents 10 short films that can be viewed independently.

This section was born in 2020 within the pandemic scene with a clear and firm ambition: to promote short films showing human diversity in all its multiple dimensions. The main objective of the Secció Globus is offering a different, unique or even alternative range of new sights to the genre as well as going beyond the classic concept of horror.

We: the beasts de Marcelo Landaeta. Bolívia

Strigoi de Aron Florian. Romania

Hunger de Carlos Meléndez. Mexico.

The departure de Nico van den Brink. Països Baixos. Netherlands.

Stuck de Pablo Tobon. Colombia

Tekenchu de Carlos Matienzo. Mexico.

Bad Trip de Rubathinesh Nair. Malàsia.

J’ai le Caffard de Maysaa Almumim. Kuwait.

Itsy Bitsy Spider de Brodi-Jo Scalise. Canadà.

Hansel de Vivian Papageorgiou. Grècia.

Dystopia de Laura Ugolini. Noruega.