Official advert of TerrorMolins 2021

Beyond the usual tradition of paying tribute to films or particular themes, the 40 edition of the Festival was asking us for something trespassing these concepts: We wanted to pay tribute to cinema and horror globally. On the other hand, the number 40 in roman numerals, as though it was an XL size, was taking us to somewhere further than just an advert, we wanted it to show and pay tribute to the history and identity of the Festival itself.

Arrebato” (Iván Zulueta, 1979) became a perfect link for all these ideas: it is a film about cinema, but it has no connection with what one might expect from this simple definition. Through this ill-conceived and upsetting atmosphere, cinema is presented as a kind of drug that catches you as a vampire in a spiral of addiction: just what we were looking for with the advert.

We hope we succeeded in transmitting this love for horror, this addiction to cinema, this tribute to what the Molins festival is and has been for the last years along with an unsettling atmosphere. Our aim was to straightforward question the audience and create something that be revisited several times… [just like “Arrebato”]


  • Director: Daniel Noblom
  • Ay. Direction: Juan Carlos Saloz
  • Production Director: Christian Egea
  • Photography direction: Alba Postigo
  • Gaffer: Gerard Pozo
  • Art direction and wardrobe: Sandra Cabañas
  • Sound: Albert Díaz
  • Makeup and characterisation: Andrea Puig
  • Fixed photo: Jennifer Collado
  • Edition: Sandra Cabañas
  • Sound edition: Pepo González
  • José: Albert Boix
  • Pedro: Guim Puig
  • Ana: Sandra Cabañas
  • Photo archive:
  • Envato Elements
  • Previous editions ans Terrormolins spots
  • Amigo (Oscar Martin, 2019)
  • Produced by lachiribita
  • Shot in Olivella, August 19th 2021