Short Films Section Ç-Trencada 2021

Here’s the selection of or our section devoted to films either spoken in catalan, or of catalan production or direction, we will have the following titles:

  • Cases d’algú by Cris Gambín and Toni Pinel
  • Llengua amb tàperes by David Mataró
  • Aurora by Sergio D’Asensio
  • Once familiar by Rubén González (producció UK)
  • No diguis el seu nom by Albert Portal
  • Nit de tempesta by Josep Adan Tintoré
  • Behind the door by Bernat Noguero Rigol
  • The mop by Ian Garrucho
  • Quémate by Jofre Viaplana
  • Insomaniak by Derrick Álvarez

Including the latest work by the creators of “Zombiosi” (who won the first edition of the section), we will have a delicious zombie invasion, we will suffer with male chauvinist violence, we will taste a work with a flavour of“Cronocrímenes”, we will have a couple of domestic nightmares and a pandemic element as well as a sample of experimentation.

A scope with the best genre cinema made at home. You can’t miss it.