TerrorMolins closes definitely its 40th edition beating all audience records

After closing the physical screening of TerrorMolins with a very positive balance including attendance figures which go beyond 2019 by 11%, when the Festival had reached its highest attendance. The Festival finally closes its 2021 edition with the 2022 edition in sight, and proud of the remarkable increase in virtual and global audience, and announces the Audience Awards as well as the only online competitive section, Videodrome.

The on-site format of TerrorMolins 2021 attracted an audience of 6,271 spectators, to which 34,732 have now been added in the virtual format,including the viewers of Filmin and those who watched the activities offered through Terrormolins TV. In short, the 41,000 spectators brought together by the Festival certifies a significant increase in audience rates. This is an important recovery after 2020, a year which, despite working well online, forced the Festival to sacrifice the entire on-site apparatus, which is the actual core of the event.