Molins Film Festival offers different options when purchasing tickets for its different sessions. Please find below them all.

All screenings and events will be numbered. Seats choicing will be made at the time of purchasing each of the tickets. If you use a Festival Pass, the seats choicing will be made at the time of obtaining the QR codes of the chosen session, whether it is a projection or event.


With the purchase of any of these passes, you will receive an e-mail with a purchase document that includes a code, the locator. The pass purchase document does not serve as a ticket. Please enter the locator in the Promotions box, available at each of the screenings and events, to obtain the QR code of the ticket.

You will be able to start using the locator to obtain the QR codes right after the moment when the tickets for the projections and events go on sale. It is essential to have the QR code (ticket) to be able to access the screenings and events of the Festival.