First titles of the 40 Edition of TerrorMolins

A few weeks ago we announced the first 30 titles that will be part of the online section of the Festival, some of which will be premieres either in Spain or in Europe (regarding the Remember section, never seen in our country). Today, we are honoured to announce the six first titles that we will watch during the physical edition of the Festival which will make La Peni shiver again:

With THE AMUSEMENT PARK, the film that Romero shot in 1973 which had been considered lost for a while; the most thoughtful, imaginative and frightful Romero we’ve ever had. In fact, when one watches the film, there remains a feeling of fear and confusion that will give Molins de Rei the creeps.

After Romero, we drift to Ben Wheatley and his IN THE EARTH, a revelation film at Sundance, shot during the pandemic and one of his best works since that long acclaimed Kill List.

Going from the UK to Canada, we present an exclusive premiere in Spain, BRAIN FREEZE, the opening film in the last Fantasia which brings a fresh and funny claim of zombie cinema. The least shameful fans of the festival will be definitely pleased.

There is always a special place for Spanish cinema in Molins de Rei, and this year we offer LA PASAJERA (THE PASSENGER), a film that was part of the Fantastic 7 project and hides a bunch of surprises that will fill La Peni with applause.

The usual followers of the Festival know that we always offer titles that break the rules and give a special glance to the genre to tell stories that would give the creeps to Beelzebub himself. This is the case of MASKING THRESHOLD, a film that is going to be a small surprise of the edition and will let no one remain indifferent.

And last but not least, this bunch of new titles includes the big sensation THE MAID, a Thai horror film that hides a terrible secret when a maid is haunted by the spirit of the person who preceded her. No doubt, the new Thai horror cinema has got a lot to say. We expect to replicate the wonderful success that the film had in the last edition of Festival Nits de cinema oriental de Vic.

See you again at La Peni. Long live the TerrorMolins!