Molins Film Festival will devote the 41st edition to horror musicals

The Festival to be held in Molins de Rei, next November 4th-13th with an online section active from October 27th till November 13th.

After a 40th anniversary that celebrated the Festival was back to cinema halls and to a relatively normal life with record figures of attendance. the Molins de Rei Horror Film Festival is preparing a new edition that will take place in the city from November 4 to 13 and online from October 27 to November 13 with horror musicals as the central theme.

In the background of this year’s design, we can hear the echo of films like The Rocky Horror Picture Show, The little shop of horrors, Phantom of the Paradise, Sweeney Todd and other emblematic films of the genre resonate in the conception of a festival that, already well into its fourth decade of life, aims to be a celebration of terror, cinema, music and, ultimately, culture in a post-pandemic scenario. Thus, in this post-pandemic panorama, we want to start the festival’s fourth decade praising horror, cinema, music and culture. The Molins Film Festival 2022, intends to have an eclectic selection of films and activities, with a passionate regard to all the artistic disciplines involved in genre cinema.

Active calls. The Festival is currently in the midst of the selection process with active calls for feature films and short films, which will be open throughout the summer time. There are also active calls for the contest of short stories as well as the 20 second horror short films, open till late October. Get complete and up to date information at the website of the Festival.

Isn’t it about time that we were able to see each other’s smiles and experiment with unmasked faces the way the whole audience enjoys -and suffers- their beloved genre? This year, this will come true for all of us sitting together, in a complicity full theatre full of complicity, sharing the same cinephiliac passion. Hugging each other, holding hands, kissing… keeping fear on the other side of the screen.

And well, yes, who knows what new surprises there will be in stock for the next few months, but anyway, we are longing for them. All of us deserve it. All of us deserve it. You deserve it. So, this is the reason why the 2022 edition of the Molis Film Festival wants to invoke the magic power of the muses of cinema and music. Music and cinema are two merging essential elements which won’t split out of our beloved pagan feast. This tradition has always been there ever since the seventh art was “silently” starting out, and we just want to focus upon one of its most joyful, amusing and delightfully crazy and irreverent features: HORROR MUSICALS.

So, get ready to start setting your diaries for the November dates, because the Festival will definitely become a celebration in which you will move your bones and sing cut throats out to the rhythm of the funniest screenings and parallel activities we are planning for you. Definitely, the TerrorMolins family has got the rhythm and, and you know that we’ll be delighted to fire you up with the musical air of the 2022 edition including the rest of activities, screenings and awesome performances that you are familiar with.

The curtain opens.
The show is about to begin.