TerrorMolins unmasks the poster of its most musical edition

Molins Film Festival will be two legged: there will be an online leg October 27th – November 13th on the Filmin online platform, and an in-person leg November 4th-13th. The event is going to introduce its visual image for the 41st edition.

The poster, a work by well known designer Andreu Gallart in collaboration with Joan Jarque, including photography by Joan Gosa, is taking us to classic tales of horror and music, headed by The Phantom of the Opera. The mask plays a theatrical and operistic role, but it is also an object of concealment and mystery. It stands out with a clear and minimalistic composition behind which lies a new trend of horror cinema. Gallart is the author of the festival’s logo, and he plays with a merging of masks and fonts including two versions of the poster -in a day and night fashion-, which set a dark and ghostlike sense.