Jury 2015

The five members of the jury that will decide this year’s award winning list in the official sections of both feature and short films, including the Silver Méliès will be:

Jordi Sanchez

Jordi Sánchez NavarroProfessor of Information and Communication Science –Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, programmer at the Anima’t within the SitgesFestival. He regularly attends many movie festivals around the country.


Mónica Garcia Massagué: She was a member of the Institut Català de les EmpresesCulturals until 2014. At present she is the assistant manager of the Sitges InternationalFantastic Film Festival Foundation.

marc-carrete-asmodexia-terrorweekend copia

Marc Carreté: Cinema producer and director. He presented his first work Asmodexia during the las edition of the Festival. He is also author of short movies like Castidermia (2012) and Mal Cuerpo (2011).


Anna IshidaNorth American actress and singer, she won the 2013 award of the festival to the best female performance for the film I am a ghost (H.O. Mendoza, 2012).


Susanna Jiménez: Master degree on movie production. At present, she is Co-production and Fiction manager at TV3-Televisió de Catalunya.