Edition 2022

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textos sobre música, terror y cine

Fanzine published on the occasion of the leitmotif of its 41st edition “The Horror Musicals”. It offers twenty texts with different approaches to the powerful and suggestive relationship between music, cinema and terror, including some fugues beyond the seventh art.




Twenty people have worked selflessly for weeks to bring you this publication full of love for movies, music and terror.



    Coordinated by Javier Rueda and layout by Anna Aguilera and Ariadna del Hoyo, texts wrote by Francesc Talavera Cugueró, Sandra S. Lopera, Joan Renter, Silvia García Palacios, Gonzalo López, Juan Ángel Saiz, Josep M. Luzán, Guillermo Triguero, Montecarlo, Ramón Rey, Patricia Clapés Saga, Coque Cano Arañó, Josep Calle, Xavier Cazeneuve, Carles Martinez Agenjo, Manel Calpe and David Izquierdo. Heartfelt thanks to each and every one of these people for their participation in this fanzine and for their enthusiasm and solidarity.

    This year we finally see the smiles in the next seats. And we experience again, open-faced, how the entire audience enjoys -and suffers- ftith the genre we love so much. In a glorious full-house theatre, sharing the intimacy of this cinephile passion with a massive complicity. Hugging each other, holding hands, giving each other kisses… with no more fear than the one projected on the screen.

    That is why we have chosen this electrifying theme, because we want to celebrate it by invoking party through the magical power of cinema and music. Two essential elements of the pagan party that we love so much, both separately but also mixed together, with a long joint tradition that dates back to the “silent” beginnings of the seventh art. Of this relationship between these two artistic disciplines, horror musicals are usually one of their most festive and carefree expressions, when not deliciously crazy and irreverent, and this is what we wanted to get the most out of.

    So, let yourself go and enjoy these pages that we present to you, written with love, enthusiasm and desire to play and have fun. You will find singing plants with an exquisite taste for gastronomy; sweet transvestites of the transsexual Transylvania shaking mortals morality -and also their skeleton- great song after great song; youth who sing and dance looking for a meaning to life oblivious to the zombie apocalypse that surrounds them; the pumpkin king cooing, dazzled by the colors of Christmas; a barber and a baker doing a duet in a particular and culinary class revolution; or a Faustian composer fighting against the world of record companies while also fighting against himself. Also a journey through the most terrifying trends in music and culture; its relationship with the beginnings of cinema; terror and music in video clips, television and, of course, theater. All this and much more!

    Because it is finally time to have a great party, singing and moving the skeleton.

    All of us deserve it. You deserve it.

    The curtain opens.
    Let the show begin!