TerrorMolins celebrates its 40 editions with a review of the social context that watched it start out

40 editions and 48 years The Molins de Rei Horror Film Festival has a special affection for the unusual, and it could not be less unusual concerning birthday celebrations There was some kind of cognitive dissonance as a result of a long hiatus that took place in the 90s, which turns a 40-years-old midlife crisis into the celebration of nearly half a century of existence This is the reason why we are looking back to the beginnings, in 1973, the year which saw the first marathon of horror cinema in Spain, definitely today’s festival embrio A cultural event arising from the cultural effervescence of the moment was breaking through the cracks of a regime and a caste that had a very short future coming… or so they said

Counterculture Defined as the visible organised social mobilizations, whose actions and values stand in front of standard regulations In other words: a challenge to official culture; a “stand up culture” that starts out from the underground A concept that defines a historical moment which spans from 1968 to 1978, with further branching forward into the early 80s A period, a movement, and an attitude that have always seen horror cinema as a limit breaking genre perfect for enabling free expression

This year, Terrormolins will pay tribute to those times of exploration and search of new fresh (breathable) air Of breaking the rules and creatively going beyond the official limits Of creation of new meeting spaces with a community and associative perspective For this society that was pushing towards modernity. For that renewed horror cinema that was overtly showing injustice and inefficiency, fears and anxieties, for a world that was appealing for justice Past and present are meeting, standing up with the camera on.