An exhibition to celebrating the 40 editions of TerrorMolins

The Festival is putting together a retrospective exhibition to rejoice its 40 editions. The exhibition room in Ca n’Ametller will host one of the main events of the celebrations. The exhibition will open on Friday, October 29th and will be available until Sunday, November 14th 2021.

The images, both graphic and audiovisual, will be the core of the exhibition, which will progress in decades, from the 1970s to present times, leaving the leading role to the audience and horror cinema itself. Moreover, we are setting a staggering graphic set showing the intention of paying tribute to counter culture as a social context in which the Festival was born.

A lecture cycle, some of which about counter culture, will complement the exhibition and will stand as parallel events for the celebration of the 40 editions The Festival will produce the events with the support of companies like Cerygres and Guinot Prunera.