TerrorMolins 2021 launches pass avalible

The 40th edition of the Molins Rei Horror Film Festival is coming soon, starting from today September the 9th, you will be able to purchase the passes.

The passes available will be the VIP Pass and the Festival Pass, which gives you access to all screenings and events of the Festival; La Peni pass, valid for all the projections at La Peni, including the epic 12-hour marathon and El Foment pass, valid for accessing the projections and events at El Foment, the new venue we are introducing this year.

New this year. All screenings and events will be numbered. The choice of seat will be made at the time of purchasing each ticket. In the case of passes, the choice of seat will be made at the time of obtaining the QR codes of the chosen session.

Concerning PASSES, you will be able to book your seat as soon as you get the QR codes of the chosen session, be it a screening or any other event. With the purchase of any of these 4 passes, you will receive an e-mail with a purchase document that includes a code, the locator. Please enter the locator in the Promotions box,available at each of the screenings and events, to obtain the QR code of the ticket. You must have an admission QR code to access the screenings or events of the Festival.

You will be able to start using the code key to purchase your admission QR codes as soon as tickets to screenings and events are on sale. Note that purchase vouchers of PASSES is not an admission ticket.

All the information concerning tickets is available on the Festival’s website.

You can buy the tickets here.

For inquiries regarding tickets: entrades@molinsfilmfestival.com

Regarding the tickets for the online edition on Filmin, further information will be provided soon